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Daul Screen support

 Can you please add dual screen support?

With the ability to select either the viewer or Media browser to the second screen.


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Thank you for your feedback. Dual screen support will come, but we haven't set a date yet.

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90% of video editors use two or more screens. It is a no-brainer feature to implement!


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Just updated to 1.8 and theres still no dual screen option

Is this this on the roadmap to be implimented?

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dual screen



external screen please

e.g. blackmagic mini monitor (via thunderbolt), blackmagic cards with SDI and AJA cards 


for color correction !



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Any update on when this might be available?

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I really hope your planning this for the future, if I want to screen dailies for productions this ability is invaluable! It would be great to be able to use a labtop and send the video to a TV on location or in my studio be able to play on my second monitor full screen for dailies and tagging while the footage is playing full screen.

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I would like to add my request for dual monitor support.

It would be great to have the playback show on one monitor and the folder navigation on another.

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