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BRAW not supported?

Hi there,

Latest version, 1.8.4 Premium, just installed, new customer. I can't playback BRAW files, says Playback not supported. ???

I raised a support ticket last Thursday, but no response yet.

Anything silly I might be missing? Tried it on both my Macs but still says "Playback not supported" next to each BRAW thumbnail...

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Still nothing, just broken promises…

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I'm not sure when my renewal comes up. But I'm currently not planning on paying. Based on the responses I see here. I got lucky. I found this thread after I found out i was getting a bunch of BRAW footage, but before I discovered that it will convert. I don't know the exact status of the camera it was shot on, but the format is compatible.

In trying to do a back conversion for 10 files (and I have easily another 40) I discovered just how inadequate the batch/job management tool is. Using a brand new M1 Mac Mini. Maximum ram, 16GB. Kyno froze up with the first 2 jobs running at one time. Out of RAM. With nothing else running. All I could do is force quit and loose the whole batch.

There is no way to save a batch (at least I can save the convert settings!) So I had to rebuild the batch again.

Seems to run ok with job limit set to 1. But while I was away letting the job run, something glitched on the USB bus, and about 6 jobs were aborted because the drives disappeared. So I had to rebuild the batch with the remaining missing jobs.

How hard is it to have an option to repeat a job when it fails? Might as well use DaVinci for my conversions.

Still waiting… I’ve lost all patience now. The software I paid for doesn’t work as promised. The fix has been promised for months, still not here. I want a refund now…

Gen4 color science BRAW is supported in Kyno. However, Gen5 is better in many aspects. Unfortunately, that came out after Kyno practically died from a customer's perspective. So, if you have BRAW with the older color science it would be supported and works moderately well. Don't expect performance and ease of use as within Resolve itself. Gen5 BRAW is a no-go with version 1.8.

For Windows users seeking ProRes encoding, unfortunately, there's no (affordable) alternative.

As for broken promises - I myself am way past the point of caring. I still use Kyno for renaming and converting to ProRes, but the moment an alternative presents itself (or the need for ProRes disappears) it goes into the archives with other unused/unusable software.

Imagine my surprise, an update to Kyno… could it be? Could it be that it now works with BRAW Gen 5? Err… no.. hacked off, this has been promised for 6 months now. Still doesn’t work even after all the promises… broken promises as they are now. I only bought this useless software to browse my BRAW footage, which I was assured was supported. Yes I know there was a change from Gen 4 to 5, but come on, it’s been 6 months.

We have a private beta version of Kyno 1.9 available that includes the latest BRAW SDK including support for gen5 color science. Anybody holding a license for Kyno 1.8 who wishes to join the beta, please send an email to or just leave a comment in this thread. Please do not publicly share your email address, we'll have your contact details in the system.

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Yes please, desperate to have it working… I’ve emailed support…

I'm keen too Thomas. Have also emailed the support address.

Yes please!   

So let me get this straight. After essentially ghosting your entire client base for the better part of a year, you want me to pay you another $79 for an update that was promised 9 months ago. It seems like you guys are having a laugh at our expense. I could go on, but Ive already wasted enough time and money on this software.

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Sent a E-Mail, please send 1.9.

Thank you

Yes, please. I'd like to be included in the beta 1.9 program.


Add me to the beta!

 we bought his based on your website saying braw was supported and have not been able to use it as we are a BMD camera production company.  We would have bought three other licenses if it worked.

I've just sent out the remaining beta links. If anyone still hasn't received anything, please let us know. As mentioned, if you hold a valid 1.8 license you can use the 1.9 beta. In a few cases we missed the fact that the license had expired and manually extended them. If 1.9 won't activate for you let us know

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Please, add me to the beta. Would this be the only way to get a hold of 1.9 for people who own a 1.8 license?

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