Kyno usually analyzes files as it finds them, which is good because it means you don't have an ingest process that slows you down. This is fast enough for 90% of the cases. However, sometimes it is nice to know everything is already analysed and cached which means browsing and searching based on metadata is instant.

If you have such a case, say after a day of shooting and you know you are going to browse and screen hundreds of files you can use the Preanalyze funtion in the context menu. This works as follows.

  • Select the folder or drive that contains all media files that you are likely to browse
  • Activate drilldown for that folder/drive (see  Searching & filtering)
  • Select all files in the browser
  • Open the context menu
  • Select "Preanalyze..."
  • Click OK
A progress dialog will be shown for the analysis.

After that browsing and searching is superfast, no mater what you use as a filter (e.g. things like frame rate or duration, which require technical metadata to be extracted).

It all depends on the situation. In some cases this results in a significant overall speed-up of the workflow.   

To find out where Kyno stores the extracted metadata, please refer to this FAQ under "Caches".