1.6.0 (macOS: 106027, Windows: - Released 2019-02-25


This major update brings a number of exciting new features and improvements as well as fixes for issues that have been reported.

The highlight of this feature is without a doubt the addition of verified copy (sometimes called "offloading") using industry grade checksum verification based on the established media hash list (MHL) standard. From now on, you never have to leave your favourite workflow tool from camera card to edit/delivery.

Kyno Premium users will welcome the much-requested support for the RED RAW R3D format that you can preview and transcode with Kyno 1.6.

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.

What's New (all editions):

  • Added “Copy & verify” function (aka verified copy, aka offloading) that copies your camera media or any folder with industry-grade verification using the media hash list (MHL) standard, full or incremental mode supported.
  • Added workflow for exporting and importing/merging descriptive metadata to aid collaborative workflows that operate on multiple copies of the same material

  • Added new "Paste & rename" workflow for people copying and batch-renaming in one step as part of their ingest process

  • When browsing through similar clips using the "next" and "previous" button or shortcut audio track and speed settings are retained for similar clips

  • Added marker and subclip statistics to “Create report” function

  • Improved stereo audio track handling when sending files to Premiere Pro

  • Use full file name as clip name when sending to Premiere (or exporting for Resolve) instead of removing file extension to be consistent with what Premiere does on regular import

  • Display the XDCAM type in clip metadata for XDCAM footage

  • Support rewrapping of HEVC files to Mov container

  • Selected audio track and playback speed are retained when skipping through similar files

  • Thumbnails are now created with current LUT settings applied

  • LUTs are now applied when exporting still frames from videos

  • Added fade in/out support to transcoder

  • Added preset for XDCAM HD 422 29.97 FPS

  • Added FPS column to Excel export

  • Include marker and subclip titles when matching search term in the Browser filter

  • Added possibility to filter assets based on folder name and date range

  • Allow tags to be imported and exported

  • Added a global index as a naming variable to count across multiple rename, export or transcode operations

  • Added video/audio codec, format, start, end, path as optional metadata columns in Browser

  • Display overlay icons for tags, metadata, markers in list mode

  • Support playback of certain old PCM audio tracks from old camcorders

  • Improved sorting in Navigator tree

  • Adjusted labels for color properties to be more in line with industry standards

  • Made subclip time range controls in transcoder window take into account clip timecode

  • Renamed MJPEG transcoding preset to Photo JPEG because it’s more known under that name

What's New (Premium edition):

  • RED RAW R3D support (playback and transcoding)
  • Multi-Destination verified copy (aka offloading) in one step. Back up your camera media in a simple workflow in two locations
  • Added ability to automatically transcode files in delivery workflow
  • Added ability to transfer image files together with video files in delivery workflow
  • Add a new folder naming option in delivery options
  • Improve behaviour of delivery folder history
  • Automatically display folders created by local delivery in Navigator tree
  • Sort subfolders correctly in delivery folder selector
  • Improve performance of delivery folder selector for slow connections

New Enterprise Features:

  • Changed Custom Package Deployment configuration overrides to one XML file that can be loaded from file system or via HTTP
  • Added functionality for delivery endpoints to be preconfigured via Custom Package Deployment
  • Added functionality for tags to be preconfigured via custom package deployment


  • Identified and busted the cause for accidental folder moves in the folder navigator
  • Improved display of drag and drop items (folders, clips)
  • Kyno now prevents input of invalid folder names on Windows
  • Fixed Premiere Pro 2019 not being detected automatically by the “Send to” function
  • Fixed a minor inaccuracy in duration filter
  • Fixed a rare crash that happened during drag & drop on certain OSX versions
  • Fixed a bug where moving a file between volumes resulted in a stale file remaining in the old location
  • Fixed a bug on Windows that prevented another volume to be registered in the workspace with the same drive letter
  • Fixed a problem where in rare cases empty clip names where transferred to Premiere or Resolve
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain HDR ProRes files not to play back
  • Fixed a rare freeze on Windows when double-clicking subclips

1.5.5 (macOS: 105283, Windows: - Released 2018-11-07


This update improves compatibility with Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.0) and marks a first step in making our license system more easy to deal with for new users. Nothing changes for holders of existing license keys.

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.


  • Made the "Send To" feature work for users of the latest Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 (v13.0)

1.5.4 (macOS: 105250) - Released 2018-10-09


This update fixes a crash on macOS Mojave (10.14) when initiating drag-and-drop operations

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.

1.5.3 (macOS: 105195, Windows: - Released 2018-08-28


This update fixes a number of smaller issues that have been reported by you, our users. Most notably the correct rewrapping of Panasonic GH5 footage and setting of playback rate for footage without audio track as is common for drone footage.

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.

What's New:

  • Added support for converting to Cineform in an AVI container
  • Added support for spanned clips of Canon C300 cameras
  • Premium only: DNxHR HQX and DNxHR 444 have been added as transcoding presets
  • Premium only: Allow sending metadata as sidecar files during Kyno's integrated delivery mechanism


  • Adjusting the playback rate for clips without audio track now works as expected
  • Rewrapping GH5 footage to MOV produced broken files for some clips (certain framerates only)
  • Fixed a slight color shift in JPEGs exported from 10bit material
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Kyno from recognizing certain CUBE LUTs generated with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Improved exported Excel documents by allowing the thumbnails to move with rows/columns
  • The playback rate is now remembered properly after stopping and restarting playback
  • Fixed a minor issue that would sometimes cause the player to start 2 frames after the pause-position
  • For some clips keywords from folders weren't sent to FCPX
  • Obliterated a rare crash when dragging and dropping
  • Fixed a crash on macOS Mojave beta
  • Premium only: Improved the detection of P2 structures for Panasonic VariCam cameras and for Quantel SQedit P2 exports

1.5.2 (macOS: 105155, Windows: - Released 2018-07-19


This update fixes a critical issue reported after our 1.5.1 release. It is recommended for all users.
Again a big thank you to our excellent community for helping us improve Kyno.

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.

What's New:

  • We've added support for grayscale JPEG images
  • Added support for creating videos with multitrack AAC audio (e.g. when converting material from a camera that records with multiple tracks like the Sony FS-7)


  • Fixed an issue that was introduced with version 1.5.0 where a bug fix for another issue caused video bitrates to be very low for certain codecs (XDCAM, MPEG4 and potentially others) in some cases

1.5.1 (macOS: 105146, Windows: - Released 2018-07-11


This update fixes a few critical issues reported after our 1.5.0 release. It is recommended for all users.

We can't say it often enough: Thank you everybody for reporting and helping us in finding even the most obscure issues.

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.

What's New:

  • We've added the option to negate the values of the following metadata filters ("is not" option): Rating, Audio Codec, Video Codec, Pixel format, Display size, Frame rate
  • We've added support to play back and transcode from DNxHR 12bit material


  • Fixed an issue that caused some SMB shares to be reported as read-only on Windows
  • Read-only drives are now correctly displayed in the Workspace
  • We found and removed the cause for a crash that occurred during transcoding to H.264
  • Fixed an issue that made subclip exports and transcoding fail for certain clips
  • Kyno now displays the "Google Drive" volume from the Google Drive File Stream app under Devices
  • Hidden LUT files are now ignored, for example ones that start with a dot
  • Fixed a startup problem that occurred on Turkish systems
  • Fixed an FTP connection failure that happened with certain FTP servers (Kyno Premium)
  • Added support for FileCatalyst connections over SSL (Kyno Premium)

1.5.0 (macOS: 105124, Windows: - Released 2018-06-19


It’s almost summertime for us here in the northern hemisphere and we're celebrating it with another big release: please meet Kyno 1.5! Apart from a bunch of new features and improvements to our core product Kyno, we're pleased to welcome and announce a new member to the family: Kyno Premium.

Kyno Premium is geared towards film, TV & broadcast professionals and larger production companies, offering more broadcast format support, integrated file transfer with integrated subclipping and metadata delivery, network caching and more.

The trial status has been reset for all users, so if you'd like to test Kyno Premium, just sign up for a new trial and give it a spin (requires Kyno version 1.5)

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.

What's New:

  • Forgot to set the clock on the camera? No sweat, Kyno 1.5 now allows you to correct the creation and modification date of files with wrong timestamps (File or context menu -> Correct Recording Time...)
  • Sending clips to Final Cut Pro X has become even more simple and intuitive: just drag and drop the selected clips to an FCPX Library or Event and they'll be available including all metadata like markers, subclips and descriptions! (requires Final Cut Pro X 10.3 or later)
  • When exporting to Premiere Pro you can now specify the Premiere Pro bins you'd like to export into. Bins can even be created automatically from your folder structure
  • The list view now sports a thumbnail column giving you better overview in that view (context menu on the table header to turn off/on)
  • We've added support for WebP image files
  • Support for GH5 RAW image files
  • The transcoder has become more intelligent and now warns you if you try to rewrap codecs that don't support rewrapping. It'll also replace unsupported PCM audio codecs automatically
  • You can now export and import transcoding presets to share them with coworkers or the community (in Preferences - Conversion)
  • To make export to H.264 even simpler, there is now a H.264 same size preset that automatically exports to the size of the original clip

Other Improvements:

  • When exporting images from markers, Kyno now sets the description and title metadata on the resulting image files
  • The render quality for scaled clips is improved - it is now antialiased rather than exact to the pixel
  • Files with numbers in their filename are now sorted more naturally
  • Kyno allows selecting a single audio channel from clips with multiple discrete audio channels
  • MXF ProRes files created with FCPX are now playable
  • The player and transcoder now display the relevant picture parts of IMX/D10 content, i.e. the "clean aperture"
  • The "clean aperture" area is displayed in the metadata panel (under the "Tracks" tab)
  • The search filter now matches more text-based metadata: reel, scene, shot, take, angle, camera
  • The rename and transcoding dialogs feature some new advanced naming controls to change the case and to replace spaces
  • We've added a shortcut to open files with their default application on your system (Alt-Shift-O)
  • DMGs are now optionally displayed in the Devices section (in Preferences - Removable Devices)
  • Kyno's network checks for updates can be disabled for environments where this is desired
  • Added support for a legacy MPEG4 format within AVI files

System Requirements:

  • FCPX XML version was updated to 1.6, requiring Final Cut Pro X 10.3 or later
  • Mac system requirements have been updated to OS X v10.10.5 or later


  • We removed an issue that caused deinterlacing artifacts on some computers
  • Overwriting files during a copy operation had no effect and works correctly now
  • Moving files across drives/volumes works correctly now
  • Fixed a problem that caused files from a Canon 5D Mark III to be incorrectly ingested into FCPX (black frames / wrong timecodes)
  • Volumes with special characters such as Umlauts are now correctly displayed in Kyno (macOS only)
  • H.264 material from Panasonic FZ-200 cameras plays back correctly now
  • Exporting JPEGs from markers caused an error when multiple markers were at the same position, now it just works
  • Fixed a problem that caused number input in a rename or transcoding dialog to be ignored sometimes
  • Changing the display aspect ratio to physical during transcoding now has the desired effect for anamorphic clips
  • We fixed an error that appeared when exporting video-only clips to Excel
  • Fixed an error that made some transcodings from certain mobile phone clips fail
  • Kyno now sorts custom transcoding presets in the menu and preferences alphabetically
  • Fixed a problem on Windows that prevented some files from being deleted
  • Fixed occasional crashes on older Windows systems (without universal C runtime)
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Kyno from starting in rare cases

Premium Features:

  • Support for P2 camera format including audio tracks & spanning
  • Support for writing MXF container files (XDCAM, DNxHD)
  • Support for DNxHD, DNxHR & DNxHQ transcoding target formats
  • Advanced audio track & channel mapping when transcoding or rewrapping
  • Advanced denoise settings when transcoding
  • Integrated file delivery including subclipping and delivery of metadata packages via FTP/SFTP/Filesystem and notification via Slack
  • Delivery metadata packages include: Kyno Metadata, Final Cut Pro X XML, Final Cut 7/Premiere XML, Excel
  • Predefine metadata sets and assign them to camera media or batch assign the to clips
  • Configure the descriptive metadata storage location (if media storage isn't writable for example)
  • Configure a shared cache for thumbnails, technical metadata etc.

Enterprise Features:

For enterprise customers (50 seats and up) the following optional features exist:

  • Aspera© can be added as an optional delivery protocol
  • FileCatalyst© can be added as an optional delivery protocol
  • Kyno can be preconfigured on deployment with custom transcoding presets and options
  • Single license on a computer for different user accounts
  • Universal license key for simple company-wide deployment
  • For details contact enterprise@lesspain.software

For details contact enterprise@lesspain.software

1.4.2 (macOS: 104198, Windows: - Released 2018-02-13


Happy February everyone. Our latest update brings a bunch of important fixes as well as a few new features and supported formats. Thank you everybody for your feedback that makes it possible for us to publish important fixes so quickly. We're happy to see how well our big 1.4 release is received out there!

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.

What's New:

  • We've added a keyboard shortcut for audio mute/umute (X), there's also a menu item under "Playback"
  • The audio button now displays the current state of the audio control (i.e. mute/mid/full)
  • Creating a new subclip - via keyboard shortcut "S" or via menu items - now switches to the subclips tab automatically, which should make that feature much more obvious and usable
  • When combining clips from a selection that doesn't support combining, Kyno now displays the reasons why they can't be combined
  • Kyno now detects problems in a rename operation and displays a warning, allowing the rename operation to go through nevertheless (with problematic variables left empty)
  • Excel reports now contain the duration and start timecode of clips
  • Naming presets containing the "index" variable are now displayed in single-file operations to avoid confusion
  • Windows only: Keyboard shortcuts like previous/next/delete now work in fullscreen mode

Format Support:

  • Added playback support for 4:2:0 10-bit H264 material
  • Playback of 12-bit RGB Cineform clips without alpha channel is now supported
  • We now support material recorded using vMix Live Video Streaming Software
  • Added support for Leica RAW stills (RWL)


  • Clips without audio track caused issues with various menus in the detail view which is now fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom transcoding presets to disappear from the "Recently Used" menu after restart
  • Custom presets using the Cineform codec disappeared after restart, now they won't
  • Fixed a rare issue that led to a strange state in the subclip tab when modifying/reordering subclips
  • Up/down keys now jump to the beginning/end of line in multiline text fields
  • The title of subclips can now be edited when clicking on the whole cell in the subclip table
  • We've improved the handling of unsupported clips during the generation of Excel reports (overall operation works, we export what we are able to)
  • The text filter now matches multiline fields like "Description" correctly
  • Fixed an error when sending unnamed subclips to Premiere Pro
  • Fixed an issue where mp3 files with embedded cover art did not play back properly
  • Sending mp3s with embedded cover art to FCPX now no longer treats them as video files
  • Fixed a problem that caused exported subclips to have the wrong metadata in very rare cases (when they were 1 frame apart)
  • Errors that occur when opening a broken file in a new player window are now handled more gracefully
  • macOS only: Fixed the file selection dialog which sometimes appeared behind application windows
  • macOS only: Fixed a problem that made Kyno unusable when deleting a file while in fullscreen mode
  • macOS only: Fixed a bug that caused the fullscreen controls to remain on screen when switching to the next item via Cmd-Left/Right
  • Windows only: Fixed occasional crashes when leaving a clip's detail view

1.4.1 (macOS: 104158, Windows: - Released 2018-01-12


Today’s update brings an important fix for those of you who make extensive use of the transcoding and naming engine as well as a few other important fixes. Our apologies for any problems you've encountered and thank you to those who took the time to report issues.

If you're looking to get in touch with us directly be sure to drop us a line at @lesspainsoft on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/lesspainsoft. If you have questions or need support just pop on over to support.lesspain.software and we'll point you in the right direction.


  • Fixed a leak that caused failing transcoding jobs and unresponsiveness on large batches since we've introduced our supercharged transcoder in 1.4. You should now be all set again for those large batch transcoding jobs
  • CPU load on demanding transcoding jobs has been slightly reduced at minimal cost in transcoding time (less beach balls!)
  • Added playback support for H.265 material from Panasonic GH5 cameras
  • Repaired an issue that broke the subclipTitle variable in transcoding & naming presets as well as in subclip export
  • Fixed an issue that made opening the Creative LUT folder from the view menu fail
  • Custom LUTs from FCPX (.cube format) are now imported into Kyno's Creative LUT category and can be used directly
  • Improved inline editing of filenames in list and thumbnail view - the mouse triggers it only when clicking on the text itself
  • If you're using a keyboard with French layout, say bonjour to the keyboard shortcuts for ratings (1-5, 0, -) and view-switching (Cmd/Ctrl-1, Cmd/Ctrl-2, Cmd/Ctrl-3)

1.4.0 (macOS: 104150, Windows: - Released 2018-01-03


2018 starts with big news for Kyno users - Kyno 1.4 brings the Windows version, LUTs, new codec support and major productivity enhancements.

We love hearing from you!

To provide feedback or get in touch with us, please join us in our discussion forums, email support@lesspain.software, send a message to @lesspainsoft on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook and tell us your thoughts.

What's New:

Kyno for Windows!

We welcome the Windows community of media professionals!

LUT support:

  • Select a LUT in the player's view menu to see your log footage in its full glory
  • Add creative LUTs on top of the camera LUT to try out looks
  • Kyno ships with ARRI Log-C, Panasonic V-Log and Sony S-Log LUTs (each to Rec. 709)
  • The player automatcially detects Log-C footage, more coming soon
  • You can add custom LUTs by placing them in Kyno's LUT folder (.cube files)
  • Kyno automatically imports LUTs from DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro or FCPX if installed on your system
  • Assign LUTs to all selected items at once in list or thumbnail view via the context- or app-menu
  • Apply the same LUTs in transcoding (Video Settings - LUTs)

Productivity features:

  • Combine multiple clips into one (context menu: Combine)
  • Play all selected clips continuously (context menu: Play All; Cmd-P / Ctrl-P)
  • We've added new columns to the list view (title, description, tags...) and made the columns configurable (secondary mouse button or the tripple-dot icon)
  • Final Cut X and Final Cut 7/Premiere XML export functions have a new option to deliver xml files with relative paths to prepare self-contained delivery packages without the need to reconnect in NLE
  • We've added a shortcut for exporting the subclips of the selected/current clip using the last preset (Cmd-U / Ctrl-U)
  • Also added a shortcut for setting the poster frame to the current playhead position (P)
  • We now remember the last used title in the Excel export

Transcoding features:

  • We've added support for the GoPro Cineform codec
  • We've added to option to add a timecode overlay (aka burn-in timecode) during transcoding with a few easy-to-understand options (Video Settings - Overlays)
  • Transcoding has become much faster in many cases on multicore machines
  • Added tags variable to naming engine, allowing to set comma-separated tags in the filename (also available for renaming)

Usability improvements:

  • Timecode display in the player is now as big and beautiful as it deserves to be!
  • Enabled inline editing of the subclip's title in the subclip tab (Simple click or Enter)
  • We've added a bunch of context menu actions and keyboard shortcuts to the subclip tab, allowing you to manupilate existing subclips and speed up keyboard usage
  • You can set the language of Kyno's user interface in Preferences - General (English, German, French, Spanish available)


  • We fixed a number of rare compatibility issues with Premiere Pro with files created by Kyno through transcoding or rewrapping from GH5 or C100 footage
  • We hunted down and fixed the cause of a crash that was rare but persistent on some Macs
  • We also fixed a crash caused by some JPEG files
  • Images recorded with rotation/orientation (e.g. vertical images from smartphones) are correctly displayed
  • Fixed playback of some MXF files from Sony FS5 cameras
  • Seeking in MTS files didn't work in some cases, now seeking should work as expected
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tag dropdown to be incorrectly positioned over the input field on Retina and HiDPI displays
  • You can now TAB over multiline textareas which limited keyboard navigation in some cases
  • Workspace folders can be refreshed in case there are stale files being displayed
  • Fixed an error that was displayed when trying to reveal a deleted item in Finder
  • CMYK-JPEGs are now properly rendered
  • We now format durations as timecode in Excel exports

1.3.2 (build #103016) - Released 2017-09-29


Today's update fixes a few critical issues reported by you, our customers. Most notably a fix for users running macOS High Sierra with a non-english language. A possible side-effect of the High Sierra fix is that some menu items and file choosers will be displayed in English. Our apologies for any problems since the release of High Sierra earlier this week.

We love hearing from you!

To provide feedback or get in touch with us, please join us in our discussion forums, send a message to @lesspainsoft on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook and tell us your thoughts.


  • Fixed a critical bug that prevented Kyno from starting on non-english macOS High Sierra systems
  • Fixed an issue that caused Kyno to crash in rare cases when listing JPG files
  • Fixed the cause of occasional non-specific crashes
  • Fixed a rare issue causing an error during FCPX export when setting folder names as keywords
  • Exporting stills failed when unsupported videos were contained in the selection, now these clips are simply ignored
  • Fixed broken display of metadata of photos with long exposure settings
  • Fixed a playback issue with some Op Atom MXF video files that played back with incorrect speed

1.3.1 (build #103010) - Released 2017-08-03


Contains an urgent fix that prevented some instances of Kyno 1.3.0 from launching

1.3.0 (build #103008) - Released 2017-08-03


This summerly release of Kyno 1.3 focuses on usability and performance improvements that everybody should profit from, so we do recommend everyone to get the update while it's hot. This update took a little longer than usual as we've been busy getting the Kyno for Windows Beta ready. We're very excited to announce that we've started sending out links to select users. If you wish to join the Beta program please sign up here.

We love hearing from you!

To provide feedback or get in touch with us, please join us in our discussion forums, email support@lesspain.software, send a message to @lesspainsoft on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook and tell us your thoughts.

What's New:

General improvements:

  • Added filter options for all descriptive metadata fields like Title, Description, Scene etc. See: Filter - Descriptive - Other fields
  • The tag filter has become more powerful as it now allows you to filter items that don't have a certain tag and we've added autocomplete support for the tag selector
  • The dialogs for renaming and transcoding of single files are now the same as for batch operations, giving you the full power of naming presets and variables for single files
  • For extra fine control over file naming, we've added separate placeholders for day, month, year, time, hour, minute, second for all date variables (modified, created, current)
  • We've improved the metadata in clips resulting from a subclip export: the subclip title is now set as main title, and in/out are set if handles were added
  • The player now sports a 1.5x playback speed option
  • We've added the option to produce subclip-only Excel exports

Usability improvements:

  • Faster access to transcoding presets: we've moved the recently used transcoding presets to the top level of the transcoding menus
  • The most recently used transcoding preset can be used on the current selection by pressing Cmd-E
  • The keyboard focus is now kept on the last used metadata input field when switching through clips
  • Rejoice, there's now a keyboard shortcut available for Drilldown mode: Cmd-Shift-D
  • When naming files (rename & transcode) the UI now remembers values, like "Custom Name" or "Number of Digits", that were already specified across multiple operations
  • In the tagging UI you can now apply tags that are already set on some items to all items
  • Keyboard powerusers can now set focus on the metadata input fields by pressing Cmd-Alt-M, then move on to the next clip by pressing Cmd-Alt-Right (thanks Simeon!). There are more options in View - Select View and the keyboard shortcut list below
  • As it was slightly confusing not so see some naming presets in the transcoding dialog that are visible in the "Manage Presets" dialog, we've made most of them available independent of the context (i.e. whether transcoding, renaming, exporting subclips)
  • The reject icon in detail mode is now red when active

Performance improvements:

  • We significantly improved performance when slow drives or network drives are connected
  • Have you already discovered the preanalyze function to speed up screening and logging? It now includes the option to generate content tab thumbnails in advance, too
  • Cached data (thumbnails, technical metadata) now remains intact when moving files around within Kyno
  • Setting tags or rating in list/thumbnail view doesn't trigger regeneration of thumbnails anymore

Premiere Pro Integration:

  • Improved Premiere Pro export by allowing to send subclips created in Kyno as markers with duration
  • Improved roundtripping from Premiere Pro: when re-importing XML, now all contained metadata fields are added to Kyno metadata
  • We've added Send To Premiere/FCPX to the app's main menu


  • We hunted down a bug that caused performance issues when quickly switching through clips in the detail view
  • Images were sometimes rendered too small with line-artefacts which should now be fixed
  • Fixed a problem that caused drilldown not to be activated automatically when connecting an SD card from a camera
  • Eliminated a bug that caused the jobs-list to be broken after hitting "Remove Finished"
  • Fixed playback problems of TS files with a rare layout of audio streams (0 channels in audio stream)
  • File timestamps were sometimes not set correctly when copying or transcoding, now they should always be set as intended
  • Fixed a rare problem that wouldn't let the transcoding start by clicking the "Start" button
  • Full screen controls were buggy sometimes, especially when navigating to the next clip
  • Fixed an issue that made transcoding of M4V/MOV files fail when they contained two video streams, common for some clips created with FCPX
  • Fixed a rare application crash that occured during transcoding
  • Subclips with identical names no longer overwrite each other when exported to Premiere Pro
  • The Delete key wasn't doing what it's meant to, now it does indeed delete the selected item(s)
  • Up/Down Arrow key sets cursor correctly to the beginning and end of the text field

New Keyboard Shortcuts:

Just like you, we love keyboard shortcuts and added a lot of them in this release. They're also consistently displayed in menus and context menus so you can learn them on the go. Here's the list of new ones:

  • Rating: 1..5
  • Reject: -
  • Reset rating: 0
  • Activate detail view and focus metadata form: Cmd-Alt-M
  • Focus first field in metadata form: 2x Cmd-Alt-M
  • Focus player when inside metadata input field: Escape
  • Activate detail view and focus player: Cmd-Alt-P
  • Activate and focus list/thumbnail view: Cmd-Alt-L
  • Focus device/directory navigator: Cmd-Alt-N
  • Previous item: Cmd-Alt-Left (on top of Cmd-Left, helpful if cursor is inside an input field)
  • Next item: Cmd-Alt-Right (on top of Cmd-Right, helpful if cursor is inside an input field)
  • Last used transcoding preset: Cmd-E
  • Toggle drilldown mode: Cmd-Shift-D
  • Zoom in/out in thumbnail view: Cmd-+ / Cmd--
  • Show in Finder: Alt-Shift-F
  • Excel export: Cmd-Shift-X
  • Send to Premiere: Cmd-Shift-P
  • Send to Final Cut: Cmd-Shift-F
  • Create Report in list/thumbnail mode: Cmd-Shift-I

1.2.1 (build #102003) - Released 2017-02-24


Unfortunately an improvement in last week's update to version 1.2 also, as a side effect, introduced a problem that caused the Final Cut X integration to fail in rare cases for certain MP4 files. We have fixed that now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

While at it we also fixed an issue that sometimes produced an error when editing subclips in the subclips panel.

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback. You're awesome!

1.2.0 (build #102001) - Released 2017-02-16


Our first release in 2017 focuses on transcoding, FCPX integration and format support. There are also a number of fixes and usability improvements so there should be something for everyone. We hope you enjoy this release!

We love hearing from you!

To provide feedback or get in touch with us, please join us in our discussion forums, email support@lesspain.software, send a message to @lesspainsoft on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook and tell us your thoughts.

What's New:

Transcoding has become yet more powerful:

  • Subclips can be extracted with added "handles", i.e. extra seconds of content for use in transitions in editing
  • You can now configure that file timestamps are to be kept for transcoded or rewrapped files
  • Timecode can now be added to transcoded or rewrapped files that do not have any timecode in the source in different, configurable ways, fixing gaps in many more workflows
  • Batch exporting subclips is now more intelligent and automatically exports in-out as a subclip if no other subclip has been defined in a clip, making batch export workflows foolproof
  • Select recently used output directories in the single-file transcoding dialog
  • Open files created from a transcoding job directly from the activity/jobs list

The FCPX integration has been ramped up yet again:

  • More flexibility: You can transfer your subclips as keywords or as favourites and determine which rating makes it into a favourite in FCPX
  • Easier to understand: The FCPX export UI has seen a complete overhaul so you don't need to read any manuals to see what's happening
  • Faster: Kyno now maintains a history of the Event names that you used for FCPX ingest

Yet more formats:

  • Added support for playback and transcoding of AVI files from many medical devices. Expecting parents can now view and convert their offspring's ultrasound videos in their full glory in Kyno!
  • Gamers, you can now play back, log and transcode your FRAPS captures
  • Added support for playback and transcoding of Apple Core Audio Format, pro audio people, we listened!
  • Added support for playback and transcoding of Prores MXF and DNxHR files for our users with the high-end workflows
  • Added support for playback and transcoding of HAP video files, we are not satisfied just playing back the mainstream codecs
  • Added support for RAW files from Olympus and Fujifilm cameras (ORF & RAF)
  • Added support for XAVC files from FS-5 cameras that were autoconverted by FCPX
  • Fix playback of some very old AVI files using a Microsoft variant of the Mpeg-4 codec

Usability improvements:

  • Made the file-filtering UI much faster and easier to use by flattening the filter menu
  • The powerful subclipping UI is now also available for audio-only files
  • Improved the time filter menu so it always displays all available options without scrolling
  • Improved usability of lists and tables: selection by dragging has been improved, the contrast of the alternating colors has been reduced and the selection-color changes depending on keyboard focus
  • Replaced icon for audio files for better recognizability

Performance Improvements:

  • Made thumbnail view faster and more responsive
  • Improved startup time on many systems

Other improvements:

  • Added a naming variable for creation date, so your batch renaming becomes even more powerful
  • Improved naming convention for subclips exported from in/out points during batch subclip export
  • Renamed "Convert selection" to "Export selection because it describes better what it does
  • Enabled drilldown option to user home directory



  • Output files with multitrack audio in Quicktime now have all tracks enabled, not just the first one
  • Fixed a bug that led to transcoding filters cutting off 3-4 frames, making certain workflows that relied on reconnecting reprocessed clips difficult
  • Files automatically generated by FCPX from imported XAVC footage can now be played back properly
  • Fixed: a rare issue that led to the subclip thumbnail list being unusable
  • A problem that caused Kyno to refuse to start in certain (mostly corporate) network storage set-ups was eliminated
  • Some M4V files containing certain kinds of subtitle tracks were not to be playable, now they are
  • Fixed: an issue in the transcoding dialog, that caused the output directory selection button to be invisible when using very long paths
  • Folders created implicitly by still frame exports now appear immediately in the navigator tree
  • Fixed: an issue that caused FCPX import to fail for certain Sony XAVC mp4 files
  • We found and fixed a rare issue that caused the thumbnail view to break when filtering/moving files around heavily
  • Fixed a rare layout problem that caused the player to overlap other areas of the app

1.1.0 (build #101003) - Released 2016-12-01


The first update to our initial release of Kyno focuses on improved productivity in important areas such as Tagging, Transcoding and FCPX integration and contains some important fixes for issues that you reported. We can't thank you often enough for your participation in making Kyno better and better.

Now give that new gear you purchased last Friday a spin and update by opening Kyno and installing the automated update!

Mes amis! nous sommes extrêmement heureux d'annoncer la mise à jour de Kyno ainsi que sa traduction en langue française. En démarrant l'application sur un système macOS français, le programme sera afficher dans toute sa splendeur, en français. Enjoy!


We love hearing from you!

To provide feedback or get in touch with us, please join us in our discussion forums, email support@lesspain.software, send a message to @lesspainsoft on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook and tell us your thoughts.

What's New:

The usability of the tagging UI has seen a few important improvements:

  • You can now type to create a tag or use autocompletion to select existing tags
  • Use the new tag editor (Menu - Tags...) to tag one or multiple files, remove specific tags or all tags
  • Press Cmd-Shift-T to open the tag editor and tag away without taking your hands off the keyboard
  • For the power taggers: long lists of tags are now scrollable, type letters to navigate in long lists and use autocompletion

Final Cut Pro X integration has been ramped up (in the "Send to - Final Cut Pro X" or "Export - Final Cut Pro XML" dialogs):

  • Select existing FCPX libraries to add your clips to from within Kyno
  • Add names of multiple levels of folders containing your clips as keywords on export to FCPX
  • Improved UI to choose whether files are copied or left in place on import into FCPX
  • Our website now documents how Kyno metadata gets translated to Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Metadata.

Improved productivity with batch transcoding, export and rename dialogs:

  • The history of output directories is now remembered for transcoding, export and rename dialogs
  • The Last used output directory is automatically set in transcoding and export dialogs

Other improvements:

  • Batch subclip export now includes the in-/out-range marked in a clip if it hasn’t yet been created as a subclip
  • Canon C300 folder structures are now detected as such and cameras are automatically displayed in drilldown mode
  • Support for playback of Canon C300 MXF 10bit 4:4:4 files
  • Improved keyboard navigation in subclip list: Use arrow keys to select and press ENTER to play subclip



  • Fixed an issue in post that caused NFS network mounts to be inaccessible in Kyno
  • Some HEVC files were causing a crash, they can now be played in full 4k glory
  • A rare issue that caused some MTS files to not be playable in FCPX after export from Kyno was discovered and eliminated
  • Stability was improved for indexing hard drives, sometimes new files didn't show up because of this
  • Fixed: Kyno unpolitely crashed when browsing certain corrupt TIFF files
  • Files with names containing colons (":") were showing up empty, they can now be properly opened and played as you’d expect
  • Reenables the "Send to Premiere" menu item for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

1.0.0 (build #100161) - Released 2016-09-08


We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Kyno. 

Kyno has been a labour of love for us for close to 6 years. We conceptualized a product that would take the pain out of working with media files and make straight-forward tasks as simple as they should be. One product that could solve many problems for filmmakers and media professionals. 

After months of beta testing, refining, improving and developing we are now ready to launch Kyno and open it up for everyone to use. 

Kyno version 1 introduces a host of new features and improvements that make working with Kyno better than ever before. 


We love hearing from you!

To provide feedback or get in touch with us, please join us in our discussion forums, email support@lesspain.software, send a message to @lesspainsoft on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook and tell us your thoughts.

What's New:

  • Navigate through your material even faster than before using the new back/forward buttons and history function
  • We implemented a whole different metadata storage scheme that now allows you to share metadata between Kyno users in SAN environments or even using cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive and that allows for more offloading/backup-logging-editing workflows than before.
  • The popular drilldown function can now be used even more conveniently with the new drilldown button
  • All Excel export colums are now fully configurable to give you the freedom to further tweak the result to your needs. This makes the popular Excel export an even more versatile tool.
  • Rotate still frames while exporting markers from video. This makes the stilll frame export even more handy, especially for people like videophotographers using hi-res video for the production of high-quality stills
  • Export still frames from hi-bit-depths (e.g. Prores or XAVC 10/12bit) without quality loss in high-quality PNGs for further processing or grading in the best-possible quality
  • Rotate videos while transcoding, especially handy when dealing with material from mobile devices or GoPro action cams, which often produce rotated video
  • New formats now supported for playback and transcoding: Videos in the F4V format and Audio files using the MKA format
  • New presets to create files in the popular WebM format (VP8 and VP9)
  • Made the FCPX workflow even more efficient with the new option to have keywords added based on folder names
  • Text search/filtering now includes matching tag values
  • Title and description fields are now included in FCP7 and Premiere exports
  • Excel exports are now possible for image files, e.g. for quickly building a story board
  • Timecode is now extracted from broadcast wave audio files and correctly implemented in Final Cut and Premiere workflows
  • Speed of browsing raw images one after the other in detail view has been improved significantly



  • External thunderbolt drives are no longer treated as internal drives
  • Reenables the "Send to Premiere" function which was broken for latest Premiere versions due to a change by Adobe