The needs of academic institutions aren't all that different from production companies and broadcast companies, often having to deal with loads of footage from all kinds of cameras and having to preselect and organize it without wasting too much time on overhead. This is the case for student projects and also for internal work, like organizing the material for education access channels, graduation videos, promotional material and more. This is where Kyno really shines:

  • view all material instantly and effortlessly whether it's still on the SD card, on a computer or on a network share
  • select the good parts and throw away the garbage quickly
  • organize video clips on drives or network shares
  • convert clips for use on the website, social media, for handouts to students
  • fix noisy shots using the denoiser
  • create fabulous image galleries and subclips from video files for websites and social media
  • create Excel shot or clip lists to communicate and to keep an overview of the material

Kyno pays back its license price in saved time and saved disk space as well as a smoother, more enjoyable workflow.

We offer a discount price for teachers for a non-commercial license and we have special volume programs for academic institutions that offer a license key that can be used multiple times to reduce administration efforts in combination with a yearly subscription model.

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