Kyno's FCPX export is a very flexible tool that can adapt to a number of different FCPX workflows. The truth is, there is no single best way to handle your metadata but we give you all the options you need to build your perfect FCPX workflow. 

Find an in-depth explanation of all available options below.

FCPX Library Which library this export should go to
Event Name Name of the event to import to. If the event is not known, it will be created.
Files Just as in FCPX, either keep the files where they are or import them into the library.
Rejects Decode whether Kyno should leave the rejects out of the import or send them to FCPX
Keywords: From tags Selecting this will have Kyno tags translated to keywords for the entire clip the tag is applied to
Keywords: From subclips Selecting this will translate Kyno subclips to FCPX keywords and use their title as keywords. The description will be lost in FCPX.
Keywords: From folders Selecting this will apply folder names as keywords. You can then select, which of the ancestor folders of each file are chosen as a keyword, only the containing folder of each clip or the entire folder hierarchy up to a certain folder.

Favourites: From subclips Selecting this will create a favourite range for each subclip and add the subclip title as the favourite comment
Favourites: From in and out points Selecting this will create a favourite range from in to out for all clips where in and out are set
Favourites: From rating Selecting this will select clips that have a rating higher than the selected one to be set as a favourite

Caution: You have to be aware of the fact that favourite ranges that overlap will interfere with each other, i.e. if a clip has in and out set and you activate the respective option, non of the subclips in that range will become favourites because the entire range is already marked as a favourite. We want to give you all the flexibility but you can shoot yourself in the foot here.

Subclips in FCPX

Subclips translated to keywords:

Subclips translated to favourites: 


Only you know which options work best for you as workflows and personal preferences vary wildly. For subclips that contain log notes, many people think that keywords are not a good match, so they use favourites instead. The are people who firmly believe keywords are the only sensible tool for managing selected ranges in FCPX and they will use keywords with Kyno. Choose what works best for you.