Naming is a very powerful and often overlooked feature of Kyno. All batch functions allow naming with powerful naming presets of which Kyno offers you very many that should cover 90% of what you need. But what do you do, when none of the presets does what you need? Simple, just create a new preset, that you can then reuse in the future, in less than a minute.

How do you do that?

In any place where naming controls are available, you have the last option "Manage...", which you choose.

Then the naming preset editor opens with the current preset selected:

There you can duplicate an existing preset, rename it (double-click the name and edit) and then edit its contents, i.e. the underlying expression, in the editor text field below.

You can add new variables by positioning the cursor in the text field where you want the new variable to go and then click the "Add Variable" button on the right-hand side.

There you select the variable you need and either double-click or press "OK".

Repeating those steps you build whatever complex expression you need and then later reuse this new preset.

Should you run into a case where a variable that you need is not there, please file a feature request in the ticket system.