You can send selected clips from the icon view, from the list view or from the detail view to Adobe Premiere Pro by choosing Send To - Adobe Premiere Pro... from the context menus or by pressing Cmd-Shift-P (Mac) / Control-Shift-P (Win).

Submitting this dialog will import the clips including metadata, see this article on how metadata gets translated exactly. Note that while Premiere Pro will automatically be started when submitting the dialog, it won't pick up the clip import once started. In order for this to work Premiere Pro must be already running.



  • None: Creates no bins in Premiere Pro and imports clips to the top level
  • From folders: Creates a bin structure that matches the folder structure that your files are in. You can select the level up to which you'd like to mirror that structure (i.e. first parent folder, second parent folder etc.)
  • Specify: Creates a bin with a specific name


  • Export as markers: Creates markers with duration in Premiere Pro from the subclips you've defined in Kyno
  • Create subclips in project: Creates subclips that are listed in your project bins and can be dragged onto the timeline (equivalent to Make Subclip... in Premiere Pro)


  • Update/write XMP metadata: Sets XMP metadata on the exported clips, by either writing to the clip itself or adding an XMP sidecar file. This is a necessary step to transfer all Kyno metadata to Premiere Pro. Without this the following metadata fields will not be transferred to Premiere: Rating, Tags, Camera Angle

Open With

Select the version of Premiere Pro you wish to send to. If there's only one version installed the dropdown is disabled