To create checksum-verified copies of entire drives, camera media or folders, open the context menu of a folder or drive in the Navigator on the right hand side and choose "Copy and Verify..." or press Cmd-Shift-C (Mac) or Control-Shift-C (Win).

This will open a dialog with a few options:

Submitting the dialog will start an asynchronous job that you can monitor in the activity view.

If the job fails you can look at the errors by pressing the "i" icon on the job.

Kyno uses the xxHash algorithm to create checksums of the copied files.



The drive or folder that was selected in the Navigator will be chosen by default. Change it by pressing "Select a Source".


Open the "Select a Destination" dropdown to choose an available drive or folder as the destination.

Kyno Premium only: a new line will be added automatically once you've chosen the first one (press "Select 2nd", Select 3rd"... to choose). Kyno Premium supports up to 4 destinations.

Backup Name

Kyno will create a folder on the destination(s) with this name. The Backup Name is also used as name for the Media Hash List file (MHL, see below) and in the content of the MHL file.

Log Info

The log info is used in the MHL file.

Create Media Hash List (MHL)

When checked Kyno creates a media hash list file, a standard file format containing an inventory of all the copied files and their respective hash values alongside some general information of the copy job. The MHL file can be used to verify the backup at a later point using 3rd party tools, see for details.

Find and replace corrupted files

Kyno normally uses file size and modification date to determine whether a file should be copied. While uncommon, it is possible for a file on the destination to become corrupt, and this would not be noticed until you use the file or manually verify the copy. The "Find and replace corrupted files" option causes Kyno to re-read every file on the source and destination, calculate a checksum, then use that checksum to determine if each file should be copied. We recommend using this option for extra peace of mind when making a full and final incremental backup.

Activating this option will greatly increase incremental backup time.

Ignore hidden files and folders

When checked Kyno will not copy hidden files (or files with a leading dot on macOS). Attempting to offload hidden files, can create offload errors and should most times not be included at all. Therefore, it is advised to check this option unless you’re sure they are needed.

Note that Kyno will copy some hidden folders and files that are necessary for metadata to travel along with the media files.