The most valuable data - everything you add, like ratings, tags, text metadata (title, description, scene, shot etc.), markers, subclips - is stored in XML files in hidden directories located in the same directory as the media file they belong to. This makes it easy to share and move around folders while keeping all the metadata you added in Kyno intact.

General settings, custom transcoding presets, naming presets, your license data etc. are stored in your computer's user directory, make sure these are included in your routine backup task to restore Kyno to the way you've set it up:

- macOS: <user-home>/Library/Kyno/

- Windows: <user-home>\AppData\Roaming\Kyno\

Cache data like extracted technical metadata and thumbnails is stored in the following directories. Deleting them will only affect the performance of Kyno the next time you browse those files but you will not lose any data:

- macOS: <user-home>/Library/Caches/Kyno

- Windows: <user-home>\AppData\Local\Kyno\

Kyno writes a log file that you can send to us for problem analysis (it can also optionally be sent via Kyno - Send Kyno Feedback..) to the following locations:
- macOS: <user-home>/Library/Logs/Kyno (press Cmd-Shift-G and paste ~/Library/Logs/Kyno to go there)
- Windows: <user-home>\AppData\Roaming\Kyno\Logs

Also see Does Kyno write the metadata I add into the files?