If it is a file that is recognized as a media file, this may happen in rare cases for a number of reasons:

  1. you copied/moved the file using another tool and Kyno missed the file system event or they are deactivated on your system or network drive
  2. Kyno's internal index somehow got into a stale state

To fix this, first try to hit the refresh button in the bottom right corner.


If that doesn't work

  1. open "Preferences ..." in the menu
  2. hit the "clear temporary data" button.
  3. Optionally deselect the first checkbox ("Cache"), because the cache normally is not the problem and removing it will delete thumbnails and technical metadata, making Kyno a bit slower when looking at folders/files that were already opened in Kyno
  4.  Hit "OK"
  5. Go to the folder again and check if the file is there
  6. Submit a bug report via the "Send Kyno Feedback..." option (optional)