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Flag clips for Export or Send to


My tests of Kyno have been very positive. I love the drill down, subclips and send to features. A great new feature would be having the ability to flag clips from a drilled down folder that you want to 'Send To' Or Export. For example I have a folder with 4 subfolders. I set drill down on the top folder, so I can see and access all the clips. I then set sub clips on a number of clips. I then want to 'Send' some full clips and the Sub clips I have made. I cant see a way to quickly only send those clips. - I know I can multi-select, but that's cumbersome. If I could flag the clip I wanted, then had the options of 'Send Flagged Clips to' And 'Export Flagged Clips"with the same features as the standard 'Send Clips to' Export' features that would be great. It would also be great to have a view option to only show flagged clips.

Or does this feature exist, and I've missed it?



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Hi Ian,

first of all thanks for taking the time to test and submit such an in-depth post! We appreciate it a lot.

No, you haven't missed anything. There is room for improvement in this area and we have thought and are thinking about ways to make the selection of content (partial or full) easier.

There are however ways to make this a little easier but they are work-arounds.  You can, for example, filter the clips displayed in the browser by a number of things and then select all results and choose the appropriate action in the context menu. Useful filters could be:

  • Subclips/Markers - you can filter the view so that only content that has subclips or markers defined is displayed
  • Tags - you could use (temporary) tags and then filter by tag
  • Rating - you could (ab)use ratings for selection and then filter by them
We will keep you posted on advances in this area. Thanks a lot for your input and keep it coming! 


A simple export flag would be extraordinarily helpful. It would be faster than tagging, which is what I am doing.

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