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Apply LUT at transcode

It would be great to be able to transcode with ability to apply a LUT. This would be great to be able to send offline media to an editor that is more pleasing looking to the client during the edit. Also, not sure if this is possible now but it would be great to be able to set a dual transcode option where I can make two versions of the same movie. Say a ProRes4444 and a ProResLT at the same time with matching timecodes. Only apply the LUT to the LT version for offline editing and have the 4444 version ready for conform in LOG Gamma when time for color correction.

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Hi Patricio,

good point! Adding the capability to add LUTs for a transcode is definitely on our roadmap and has been requested by other users as well. Unfortunately, I cannot give you an approximate timing yet, but it is one of the features with a rather high priority but it will definitely not be available while we're in beta.

We are always looking for ways to further improve productivity of the transcoding workflow and will take your suggestion into account. However, every additional degree of freedom or specialized option like the one you describe, introduces complexity and we are very careful not to let this reduce the overall simplicity, so we cannot tell you at this point, if we will implement a multi-target option with the flexibility you describe.


It would also be nice to see the LUT in the player display and not only in the transcoded file.

Yes, definitely and it is also already planned and rather high-priority (post 1.0, though).

Just want to re ping this! I just heard about you guys today and have been looking for a MAM I could afford for quite a while. Seriously considered CATDv for a long time, but you guys are offering what I really need as a producing editor with three junior editors. 

That being said, having LUT preview and encoding, would really set this up as a perfect solution for me. Any updates on LUT feature releases?

Hi Nathaniel, sorry for the late reply. Currently our main focus is the release of the Windows version, LUTs continue to be high priority for us, but we don't have a concrete ETA yet. We'll keep this thread posted, bear with us.

Best wishes, Thomas

still no LUTs? Didn't you announce it for "after NAB update"? I was hoping very much for since I bought KYNO with version 1.2. 

best Stefan

Yes, sorry about that. Delays are unfortunate in software development but they happen. However, the good news is that LUTs in the player are working in development code right now and should be in 1.4. Transcoding is in the works but not yet 100% sure whether it will be in the next release.

9 months ago ...

Now the LUT support is there, I found out by chance. Can you link to any information how it's used best? I do think I've figured out 90% by myself, but I have made workflow mistakes in the past, and IF you have explained it somewhere ...

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