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Meta data as columns in list view and in renaming patterns

Hi there,

first of all, congratulations to your launch of Kyno, it seems very promising.

Two features we would need especially for our workflow:

  1. To be able to customize the columns in list view to display meta data in lists, e.g. Reel, Scene, Shot, Camera etc.
  2. To use any kind of meta data as fields for custom renaming patterns.

Keep up the good work!


Regarding bug reports, do you accept them as support tickets in german? ;-)

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Hi Thomas,

  1. That would be great, thank you!
  2. After taking a closer look I saw that my requested feature is already there by clicking on "Variable hinzufügen" in the pattern modal window, with the exception of "Reel", but I can live with that. Awesome, and I'm sorry for the confusion.

Again, thank you for developing such a great tool.




thanks a lot! We're glad you like it and will try to keep it that way :-).

1. we already have that in our internal ticket system as something we want to do soon. cannot guarantee if it will make it into the 1.0 release but not too unlikely

2. adding the fields that you can enter in the metadata tab is going to happen in one of the next betas. is that what you are referring to or other metadata and if so, what kind? we are very flexible in this area, so pointing us to it will definitely make it likely that it will happen

und ja, natürlich akzeptieren wir bug-reports auf deutsch :-)



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