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Renaming files

a) Not a big thing but since the renaming options are so elegant it would be nice to be able to rename a single file, which is currently not possible.

b) Another renaming option that would be useful is string substitution, i.e. search for a set of characters and replace them with another set of characters.

a) we actually already have a ticket for that and will look at it again now, thanks

b) it is already there. just klick on the grey "more options"-button

Keep it coming :-). 

Thanks for the reply. I'm not seeing a grey "more options" button - I'm sure it's there somewhere but I can't see where to look.

Perfect, thanks :)

Is the "More options" link, the mouse points to, displayed, when you open the dialog?

Yes, I have found it now, thanks. 

In Adobe Bridge I have the freedom to choose how to name my files. All I need to do is choose from a drop-down list and compose as I please.

In this list there are: 

  1. Text, 
  2. New Extension, 
  3. Current Filename, 
  4. Preserved Filename, 
  5. Sequence Number, 
  6. Sequence Letter, 
  7. Date Time, 
  8. Metadata, 
  9. Folder Name, 
  10. String Substitution

So I could easily compose and add as many boxes as I wanted.


In KYNO, I find it hard to find myself. For example :

There is only one DATE preset « Original Name + Date Modified »




I have always renamed my files as follows: 000025_SITCOM_KEZEMBIA_VID_12042020


In Adobe bridge, I made it like this :

Sequence Number _Text_Text_Text_Date Created


In KYNO it will be

index_Custom Name1_Custom Name2_Custom Name3_ Date Created =



I don’t Know How to add multiple *CUSTOM NAME, and *DATE CREATED

Would you please share with us the full list of presets for *Text, New Extension, Current Filename, Preserved Filename, Sequence Number, Sequence Letter, Date Time, Metadata, Folder Name, String Substitution

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