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Metadata intput improvements

 I just went thru my first project with kyno and really like it so far.

One thing that could be improved and would make workflow much faster is how metadate entry is handled

It would be great that when I tag on clip with data and advance to the next clip all data is automatically entered into that clip plus add an auto advance numbering to take and tagging media would become a breeze.

Side note:  command + arrow is assigned to move between desktop/spaces so I cant use it to move to the next clip  

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Hi Valentin,

thanks for taking the time to elaborate this. Great to hear that you like Kyno.

What you describe makes total sense for the workflow you describe and we will consider it when we optimize the metadata workflow. However it has some implications that don’t make it an easy decision for us at this point so don’t be disappointed if this may take a while.

I assume you assigned command arrow yourself because it is not the default shortcut as far as I know. However that's totally OK. The only way we can do something about that will be to offer customizable shortcuts which we are thinking about but which is currently not on the high-prio list.



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