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Poster Frames and clip scrubbing


Could we get the option to set the poster frame on clips? A lot of the clips  I'm using in Kyno have black at the beginning. I'd like to choose the best frame from the clip to be help identify the clip. A fast way to do this would be to use clip scrubbing in the same way FCP X and Frame io for iOS does. You could use it to set a poster frame or scrub through clips without opening the clip in the player.



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Scrubbing would be a huge feature for me as I scrub heavily when culling footage.  jumping 5 seconds at a time for me is less handy.  Thanks!

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We will look into scrubbing because we agree that it would be super-useful but it is difficult to do the same that a system does that requires an ingest. It may be impossible technically to guarantee scrubbing with acceptable performance for any material (e.g. quickly scrubbing through a long-gop, 4k HEVC file will definitely not be doable without any kind of proxy). It may require workflow changes to work. We definitely don't want to add a required ingest step because the fast and light-weight approach is a key feature but there might be compromises.

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Hi Ian,

You can already set poster frames in detail view, just select "Set Poster Frame" from the highlighted menu (see Image). Clip scrubbing is a good idea we'd like to add sometime but it probably won't make it into the first release, we'll keep you posted on that.


I use FCPX, and the scrubbing feature is something that I find really useful to get a quick mental picture of what content I have.  Unfortunately, you can only hide unwanted clips and cannot delete them from disk in FCPX like you can in Kyno (or in Finder).

It would be great to be able to do a first pass in Kyno before ingesting into FCPX.

Thanks Thomas, understood.  One of the reasons I like Kyno is the same reason I'm liking On1 for the fast photo review and culling without the painful Lightroom ingest.

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