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Deleting a clip in List view jumps to very first clip

First of all, thanks for this great piece of software!

I noticed that when I delete a clip in List view, Kyno jumps to the very first clip, so I need to scroll all the way back to where I left things.  

It should jump to the clip following the deleted one, so I can straight continue my work where I was.

Also, It would be good if I can more reduce the size of the right hand metadata tab in order to increase the review screen window.

many thanks


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could you replicate this issue?  Any feedback?

I would second that!


Sorry about the delayed reply. Yes, you are absolutely correct. It should behave that way. We will add it to our TODO list. Thanks for reporting!

This has been fixed in the Kyno beta 7, which was just released, see Release Notes. Thanks again for reporting!

yes I noticed.  many thanks.  Now makes this a really useful tool to prescan footage and delete crap quickly.

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