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windows version

I know you said its in progress. Just letting you know there's at least one person who's super keen :D

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Thank you for the feedback, it's good to know you're out there :)

We'll start working on it as soon as we have the final OS X release ready in August, the more people want it the better, so please do upvote!

Please bring Kyno to Windows 7, which is alive and well on our HP Z workstations.

Thanks for making your voice heard. We are working on it. Can't give a concrete date yet but rest assured, it is superimportant to us.

Hey there, I had to chime in.  With the decline in Apple's ability to perform on set, we here in the Portland market are slowly moving to Windows (my friends in LA and NYC are moving a little bit faster).  The thing we are desperately missing on Windows is a way to easily preview media.

Your software would fill the gap that we have for our set tools on Windows (other than ProRes not being in Resolve).

I appreciate all the hard work!

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Yes, we hear that a lot. The Windows version is making very good progress. It's up and running and we are testing it and a beta is likely to come towards end of March.

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Great, if you need a beta tester please let me know.

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Looking forward to it. Especially with all the GH5 codec madness:) Come on guys, release it already!

We are working on it like crazy and we're very close. Give us a shout if you want to be in the early beta program. It is not far away at all.

Hi. I'd be happy to help you with beta testing!


I'm very interested in testing on Windows 10 platform running on HP Z series workstations and Zbooks.

@Chance & @Pawel Cool, you're on the list :)

Just switched to Windows and would love to get on the Beta List!


HI! Please add us to the beta listfor windows version

We're also using HP Z workstations, from the Z640 to the tiny mini Z2

Please add me to the beta release.  Thanks


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