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windows version

I know you said its in progress. Just letting you know there's at least one person who's super keen :D

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@Valentin @Giorgo @James you're on :) coming very soon!

I'd be happy to beta test as well. Thanks.

I would also like to at least be updated on the Windows version, and also added to the list to beta test if there are still openings...thank you!

I'd be happy to be a beta tester as well.

Thank You.


I recently dropped you a message about the windows release of your software but thought it might be more advisable to send this again via the forum. My inquiry is similar to the other messages in this string and I would be happy to Beta test the Windows version and feed back if this would help. If not do you have a release date yet?

All the best


Hi Steve,

thanks for reaching out. We will contact you and the others in the next few days with instructions on how to participate in the beta program. Just hang in there for a bit more :-).



HI Thomas,
Thank you for your message. I look forward to doing all I can to help.

All the best



Hello! I've been following Kyno's developments via NewsShooter, and I'd love to be a Windows beta tester if you still have a spot.  Thanks!


@Larry you're on the list!

We'll be rolling out very soon so watch your inboxes!

There's also an offical sing up form on our website now (people from this thread don't have to subscribe again):

Hi Thomas's, Thanks for sending me the Windows Beta. I will be sure to contribute to bug testing and feedback. Best wishes Steve
Hi Thomas,

The first thing to say is that you and your colleagues have done an excellent job in releasing a windows version. I like the whole interface and ingest capabilities to review and encode on the fly  a real time saver. So I know people love to complain so here is some positive feedback! Good job.

I would not say that I have anywhere near a full understanding of the Kyno Beta release for windows  yet but in early usage I have picked up a couple of issues that I would like to report back on. What is your preferred method for doing this? Also any plans to include encode options for DnXHD and or Prores?

Best wishes



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Hi Steve,

tanks a lot for the kind words.

Feedback is best given through our ticket system here.

DNxHD will definitely come and is working in our labs already, however the commercial model for it has not been decided finally.

Prores is a legal topic and requires Apple's support and at this point the only thing we can say is that yes, we want it in the Windows version and we're trying to get it in.

One thing that is almost certain to come very soon, though is the support of Cineform to offer a high-quality intermediate codec output option.



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Hi guys, beta is expired and the program stopped working. 

What now? We tried giving it our mac license code but it's not working, obviously.

Is there a way to convert our mac license in a windows one?

Sorry about this, we'll send out an email today on this topic. The beta1 has expired, you can download the latest version (beta2) from here:

This one will work until the end of November.

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