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Spanned clips

It appears that currently spanned clips, like from a C300, are displayed and treated as individual files. It would be nice if these could be displayed and/or converted as a  single contiguous clip.

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You are right. Thanks for reporting. We already have it on our radar and are currently evaluating the effort required for implementing this but this is very likely a post 1.0 feature.

Do you have other concrete cameras than the C300 that use spanning that you would like this for?

Any professional camera that records to FAT32-formatted cards uses spanning. This kicks in whenever the file being recorded exceeds 4GB. I don't know all of the applicable cameras, but Panasonic P2 and RED come to mind. I believe it also affects media recorded on external monitor/recorders, like Odyssey, Atomos, etc.

Thanks for the explanation!

I should have been more specific. Yes, we're aware of that, but since there is not one generic solution for identifying spanned clips and this has to be evaluated/tested for each camera or manufacturer this was more about statistics with which cameras, recorders our users run into this to help prioritize camera/recorder brands/models. 

As far as priority, I would think Panasonic P2 would be the next important after Canon.

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OK, thanks!

Also Panasonic GH4 camera. GoPro.

Please add support for spanned clips recorded by the following cameras:

Panasonic GH4 and GH5

Olympus E-M1 Mk II

Panasonic P2

Sony PXW-FS7

GoPro Hero 4 and 5

YI 4K Action cam

Please add an efficient spanned clip merge as in EditReady.


Thanks a lot for the list!

I would like to add a big YES to this feature request!!!! Many of our cameras do span clips. We use Several Sony formats: XD-CAM, FS-7

Canon C300

CD Oddysey

I can't use Kyno without this


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