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Thank You!!!

Thank you for the latest update!. It is so good to feel a part of something so great!. I had requested for the folder name to be a part of the renaming scheme. Little did I foresee that Sony uses a insane hierarchy of folders and that the renaming scheme only uses the folder that contains the files being transcoded. I'm attaching a picture of how my folders look after managing them after a shoot. I'd love for the folder that is named CR_A_01_A7SII to be a part of the renaming scheme. Is there a way to tell the script to use the folder a certain number of levels up to be the naming convention?. Maybe it's not possible or too complicated. I can certainly get on the phone with whomever necessary to explain this further and how media management happens on my sets. You guys rock and I love that you are listening to us. 

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Thank you so much, glad you enjoy the process as much as we do. We thank you for taking part in the beta and for sending feedback, it's absolutely essential in making Kyno as useful as possible, so definitely, keep it coming!

Regarding the nested folder structure - gotcha, we'll look into it, should be fairly simple to add a feature that helps for that kind of situation.

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