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Panasonic P2 files


It would be great for Kyno to handle Panasonic P2 files.

P2 files have separate video and audio files in different folders, so Kyno would have to recognise the specific folder structure of a P2 card in order to list and read the video clips.

With the "wrap to mxf" function I can see in your video (but surprisingly not in the last beta), It could be very useful for many MAM users (most MAM doesn't handle files with separate audio and video files).

Best regards

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This feature will definitely get you a lot of customers. There is no easy solution to use  solution for P2 files right now.

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In progress. Great news!!


sorry for the delayed reply.

We are indeed looking at ways to improve handling of P2 material but cannot say yet, when we will be ready with a solution but definitely not before the 1.0 release.

Rewrapping to mxf is an experimental feature that is not enabled in Kyno yet. Sorry about the confusion.



I downloaded the demo just for P2 files. I'm also hoping you can add that feature.

Personally, I use the bmxtranswrap utility from the bmx library in a python app to wrap P2 files into a single MXF and it works great!

It's under BSD license so I think you could use it in Kyno.

Thanks for the hint. We know bmxtranswrap and the bmx lib and are evaluating it exactly for that purpose.

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