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Audio Level Metering

There's so much potential in this app, takes over functions from many of my present play/analysis/convert tools ....
But to fully appreciate a playback, a comprehensive, easy to read audio level metering is a must have, like the one that was shown with the MXF4Mac Player ( and only there ). With this player, a quick assessement of the 8 tracks available with compatible formats could be made, even allowing an OFF switch to single out one or more tracks.
As for the display of Timecodes, such an element should not be too small on the GUI, as, together with the audio levels, these are among the first ones to be looked for ( usually by more than only one person, hence the "readable" size requested for people not THAT close to the screens ).
Most players, both Quicktimes included, have only microscopic readouts. Another fallen flag, the Movieola player, had just the right GUI for readability, less the missing audio levels.
Since Kyno has the ability to regroup so many separate functionalities, it would be great to also get an enhanced and very "readable" GUI.
But from the first impressions I got, I feel confident that you will get it right !

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Hi Alex,

thanks for your positive review and for elaborating your points. Audio metering is in fact already on our todo list although I cannot give you an eta. Not the first feature to come after the 1.0 release but I doubt it's going to take very long. We'll look into your other, definitely valid, points as well but I cannot make any promises at this point.

Thanks and cheers,


Cool !
Ich bleib am Ball und folge euch weiter. Super gemacht, jedenfalls.





Audio metering - second that.

More important to me would be to see a basic wave form in audio files so useful entry and exit points for skimming through an audio file are more easily recognized.

If possible, this feature can be switched on and off in preferences, like in FCPX, so one can use it according to computer resources.


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