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permanent tag bar with big tag buttons


So far Kyno fulfills about 90% of what I was looking for. Great software and i will definitely buy version 1.0 once it is out.

One feature would significantly speed things up though: If one could drag the mostly used tags into a right or lower side bar and have them sitting there as big buttons - like it is possible in Apple Aperture.

The current drop down menue for tagging is simply too slow, since it needs two clicks for each tag and if the mouse is not moved precisely, the drop own list disappears again before a tag has been selected.

I beliefe tagging will be one of the key issues for most to sort prepare their footage. So it has to be fast - especially when a project contains 1000s of clips.

Otherwise exactly what I want.

Keep up the good work,

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Agree entirely - but what would also help is if the drop down keyword box had the ability to type into it ... so rather than having to drop down and select a keyword, you could click on the drop down and start typing, which narrows down the available keywords.  As per Adobe Lightroom or Aperture.  We can have have 10-15 keywords per shot to allow quick searching and narrowing down of options, so having to go through a scroll list of potentially 200 keywords would takes ages.  Either of the above options would speed things up significantly.

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Ratings as keyboard shortcuts. ie 1 = 1 Star. Same as Lightroom. 

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