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User definable file naming pattern for output files

Currently it seems to be using original filename + preset name as default name of the output file. 

When exporting I would like to be able to customize the naming and for instance use the metadata title or other options as in the batch rename feature for the output filename. 

Workaround would now be to first batch rename and then export and that would still add the preset name by default.

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Do you mean when transcoding? You already can choose a custom preset, except in the single-file case or is that what you're referring to? 

Didn't realize batch convert offered that option. That's what I meant. Maybe it could be set as default or also as part of the preset or simply offer it also as option in the single-file case.

I have made some presets for the batch rename, for every camera I use one. I want to give them a for me logical name, so it's easy to pick the right one. I can do that by editing file-naming-presets.xml. However, I made a syntax mistake so I had to do the work again. Is it possible to edit the field file name pattern in the menu?
groettjes, Verhuus



yes that's possible and you shouldn't need to resort to editing xml files.

Just choose "Manage Presets..." at the bottom of the menu and then double-click on the presets you want to rename, enter the name and press "OK". The only ones you currently can't rename are the system presets.

Hope that helps!

Best, Thomas.

Is it als possible to select date created. Now is only date edited.
Bert Verlinden


You're right, the file creation date is not available as naming variable yet. Good idea, we'll add it with the next release!

I don’t Know How to add multiple *CUSTOM NAME, and *DATE CREATED

Would you please share with us the full list of presets for *Text, New Extension, Current Filename, Preserved Filename, Sequence Number, Sequence Letter, Date Time, Metadata, Folder Name, String Substitution

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