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Display additional recording metadata if available

I would like to see additional metadata about a video clip like exposure, focal length or ISO setting if available (e.g. EXIF data in mp4) when looking at the details of a clip.

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I'd like to see (if available):

  • Make (= camera manufacturer)
  • Camera Model Name
  • Lens ID/Lens type
  • Focal length
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • Exposure Compensation
For grading etc. knowing which color profile was used would also be interesting and the information is also there (Photo Style in the example I sent) but not in a standardized way. 

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This is definitely an area where we are going to be extending things. What helps us a lot with this are concrete samples and requirements, e.g. if you have an MP4 file that contains the metadata you describe, it would be really great to get 

- the file (e.g. via to 

- a description of its source (camera XYZ)

- the metadata you know that is in there and that you want to have displayed

- if available an example of an application displaying that metadata

We cannot promise to implement all of those requests but metadata is extremely important to us and if there is no particular reason like very difficult implementation or its very complex metadata that hardly anyone needs, then we will probably implement it. It definitely makes sense to challenge us with this :-). Just be a bit patient as metadata in the video world is a fragmented mess with tons of competing standards and we likely have to implement many of them. 

In Lightroom: 

But there is much more available. The Exiftool perl library can show it. I will send an example using wetransfer. 

Thanks a lot for taking the time! We will look into this.

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