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Translucent play bar


I'm using Kyno to screen AVCHD footage to groups. I play the footage in full screen. Somehow I managed to get the playbar permanently on the screen. On trying to find a way to get it to disappear with the mouse pinter, I have managed to get 3 instances of it. How can I playback in full screen without having a play bar appear throughout the clip?



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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the info. Until the feature is supported. I'll come out of full screen before moving to the next clip.


Hi Ian,

thanks for your post and apologies for the trouble!

Generally speaking the translucent play bar should disappear when you move the mouse pointer out of its surface area.

Could this be related to your feature request "Full screen clip navigation"? I've noticed that there's a bug that causes the play bar to become sticky, and generally buggy when you switch to the next clip while being in full screen player mode.

Switching to the next item in full screen isn't yet supported unfortunately, but it shouldn't cause the bug you describe. Thanks for the report, we'll look into that and fix it very soon.

Best wishes, Thomas.

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