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Full screen clip navigation


I'm using Kyno to screen AVCHD footage to groups. I play the footage in full screen.

When I type ⌘→ to move to the next clip. Kyno reverts to 'View Details' mode and I need to click on the full screen button again. Is their away to move between clips in fullscreen? if not, can this feature be added? maybe with a different keyboard shortcut.



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i only want to say that i find this quite important or at least useful

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Hi Ian,

switching to the next item in full screen isn't yet supported unfortunately. It hasn't made it into the first release, but it's very high on our priority list, so expect it to land in an update soon.

I'll keep this forum post updated.

Thank you for your feedback and best regards,


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Hi, The absence of this feature is extremely annoying. I don’t understand why it is not yet there. Please support it in a transparent way. Thank you.

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a feature that has been 4 years ago very high in the priority list thats still not there ...

I have to admit such things make this great software really annoying  to use and explains why i use it much less than i initially thought

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Agree this feature seems like a no brainer

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