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Recognize Camera Folder Structure

It would be very useful if Kyno could recognize the folder structures of the various professional media formats, and show clips when the top folder is accessed.

The behavior of the Media Browser in Premiere Pro is a good example.

I found that Kyno decodes P2*, XDCAM-EX, AVCHD, Canon XF (C300), XAVC-I (Sony F5), and XAVC-S (Sony a7s) media, which is great!

But, in each case, I had to navigate down multiple folder levels to get to the clips. In the case of XDCAM and Canon XF, each clip is unfortunately in it's own folder. It would be great if Kyno could simplify this complexity that the camera manufacturers have created for locating where the media files actually are.

Thanks for considering it!

(* P2 footage is unfortunately silent, given that it is in MXF Op-Atom files. I saw that there is a feature request elsewhere to improve support for P2 media.)

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The current approach in Kyno is to use the drilldown function to achieve this result. When connecting an SD card, Kyno should detect the camera medium structure and switch the top-level folder t drilldown mode. Whenever you have an example of this not working, we would be interested in details, because we want to have this mechanism detect as many camera folder structures as possible.

Yes, P2 is being looked into because it still seems to be a very wide-spread format.

Drilldown Mode IS the feature that I was looking for!

Thank you for clarifying it's function.

As my footage has already been transferred from cards to a hard drive, I had to enable Drilldown Mode with the right-click menu. Then, I noticed the "folder and arrow" button at the top of the GUI.

If you need P2 sample footage, I can post some DVCPROHD for you.  Kyno Drilldown Mode recognizes the MXF Op-Atom files.  It just sees each recording as five separate MXF files, which it is.

The main issue with p2 folder structure is that video and audio are in separate files.

It would be great to list only one clip instead of six separate files (1 video MXF, 4 audio MXF and a BMP icon) as Jeff suggested, then being able to preview each clip with audio.

Also, extracting metadatas from attached XML file (in the CLIP folder) would be the killer feature!

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Yes, you are right and we are working on a solution to be able to play video and audio together in Kyno as we got feedback by quite a lot of P2 users. It still appears to be a very popular format.

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