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Avid DNxHD Codec

It would be very convenient and helpful to have the Avid DNxHD (SMPTE VC-3) codec as an option on the Convert > Editing submenu.

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Yes, it is actually something we're actively testing and that should not be months away.

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Hello. No DNxHR support yet? Especially for Windows? Would love to take part in beta program if possible

Hi, can you tell me when DNxHD will be added?

The above posts are 9 months old...and then it was only months away!


Yes, you're right. We're behind our schedule, sorry about that.

DNxHD encoding support has been developed and is working internally but we need to decide which release we make it part of, which will no happen before September, I am afraid, as we're about to launch release 1.3 and it will not be in that yet. 

Pleased to hear that it has been developed...but not so pleased that it won't be released before September! Any chance of getting hold of a development copy of the DNxHD version...i'd be happy to Beta test it for you? Right now I'm struggling as we're on Media Composer and need to transcode MXF files to DNxHD. Originally when I signed up to Kyno multiple reviews said that it was capable of transcoding to Avid format...however the reality is different. I'm serious about Beta testing it for you!

Alright, I've put you on the beta list for DNxHD and we will send something over soon. Thanks for the offer?

Thanks Thomas. Looking forward to receiving it.

Great news!  Thanks for letting me know.

Not yet I'm afraid. We will offer a solution for DNxHD/DNxHR encoding very soon, probably in the next bigger release (if all goes well) - we're still weighing our options how it'll be made available. Please follow our announcements in the near future. 

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