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More Excel Export Options

Love the export to excel option. use it a lot

would be great to have more options for thumbnails, columns, metadata selections, tabs

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Great to hear! The more specific you can be, the more likely it will be we implement it. Would love to hear more details about what would help you.

Hi Thomas

I agree with the above comment. I've just been trialling the software which is very good but I would really like more functionality in this reporting option. I like being able to output thumbnails and timecode data and I know I can always add columns for additional elements like rights information for third party elements in a clip or completed project. But what I'd really like - and it's possible it can already be done but I can't see how - is to be able to log individual clips and output thumbnails for the opening and final frames of each clip which I would delineate with a marker. I don't know if you're familiar with a now defunct bit of software from Digital Salade called Tokishot. This ran an analysis on a file and separated out different clips. By editing out the irrelevant clips, you were left with a good breakdown of a cut or clip which could be output as csv files to go into Excel and/or a neat PDF breakdown of the footage. The timecode had to be calibrated before the analysis was run but if done carefully, the resulting analysis was a very good accurate guide to the footage. This is indispensable for anyone working with diverse elements in a film - music, stills, found or acquired footage etc, both for viewings and project development but also reporting for licensing of these elements. Kyno is better than Tokishot in that it already provides a conduit into Excel saving a stage, but if it could deliver a multi column in and out references (perhaps it can already but I haven't found it) and even better do an automatic analysis of the shots that can be edited to be more useful and to which metadata can be attached manually, it would be absolutely brilliant. I've attached a typical Toki PDF output so you can see what I mean. Hope you can help refine these could make this software really distinctive, especially now that Toki is no longer available in an updated version.

(2.33 MB)

Hate to revive an old thread but just got super-excited to export an excel file asset list of shots and find that reel/scene/shot/take aren't included in the options.I can see a workaround of exporting XML then importing/convert in excel then combining the excel asset list and the xml list but as per the above, having a few more fields in the excel would be super. Much thanks. J

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