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Conversion Dialog Options

May its not a problem but a feature, but anyway, these two points are so annoying that they appear as "bug" to me:

-  When I convert a clip the export location always defaults to the location of the import clip.  I have to change that manually to my desired export location on every clip.  Kyno should remember the last location chosen or save the setting when I create a custom conversion setting.

- Kyno always defaults to "entire clip", however I mostly convert based on my set I and O points.  Kyno should default to the Set I and O points for conversion and only of those are not set default to entire clip.  Again, I should probably be able to save my desired setting when I create a custom conversion setting.

Many thanks



the first item from your feedback was just released as part of Kyno 1.2 - the output filename in the single file transcoding dialog is now split in two: the directory (including a history of last used directories) and the filename itself, hope that addresses your needs.

Regarding the second item, we're still working on it :)

Cheers, Thomas.

Thanks for considering those points



thanks for your feedback and apologies for the delay.

- I presume you're talking about the single file conversion, as for multi-/batch-conversion we have what you describe - a history of used output folders with the most recent one selected by default. We're considering changing the single conversion to something similar. We wanted to keep the dialog as simple as possible, that's why it's the way it is, but I agree it would be a helpful improvement, which will probably come soon. However we won't save the location as part of a transcoding preset - it would greatly reduce the reusability of the presets. The output directory history is stored independently.

- I understand your point. So far we see the trimming setting similar to the filename - independent of the transcoding preset so it can be reused. Some people may be confused by the trimming always being remembered as people switch from full to subclip conversion. We'll think about it, maybe it should be something for the general user preferences.

Thanks again and best wishes, Thomas

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