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Support for sequential files

Please add support for camera formats that use file sequences, like BMs URSA which saves sequential RAW .dng files. These files should be recognised as single clips.

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Hi Knut,

this is already planned for later this year. We'll let everyone know when we know exactly when.



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Picture sequences recognized as single clips in Kyno

Do you have any news concerning the support for camera formats Like JPEG/DNG that use file sequences wiche are  recognized as single clips in Kyno?  



Image sequences have finally made it to the top of our priority list, so you can expect some support of it in the next release (as we've just launched 1.8 I can't tell you when that'll land). What's your main use-case? Cameras (eg. BMD) that record image sequences or working in VFX?

Thank you for asking Thomas, appreciate. 

My main use-case are timestamps sequences (JPG)

Support for timelapses/image sequences would be nice, but please don't forget to sort out the "send to Resolve" for still images problem (i.e. KYNO writes an XML with durations of 3901 frames for each still single image.)


PS Currently happily using the 1.8 release - super product !

Image sequences still not supported?

I'm using version 1.8.4.

I'm afraid not yet. We had to delay our plans for image sequences a bit so we can't give you an ETA yet

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