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Searching Workspace Folders

Hi guys,
Love what you are doing, I've been involved with a bunch of small media companies that would love a program like yours to help manage currently active media and archives. One feature I would love to see is the ability to search through folder names in my "workspace" drives.

I manage a massive set of raids with huge folder structures and searching would speed me up heaps. 

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Hi Matt,

thanks for getting in touch, we're glad to hear that you find Kyno useful! The kind of usage you describe - managing media in shared storage environments, also in companies that aren't traditionally involved with filmmaking and just need a tool to find and manage their files without overhead - is spot on.

Searching through all files versus filtering the active view as it currently stands is something we're thinking about and it definitely makes sense. It has some implications, as the great performance of Kyno is also due to its smart way of only indexing files as they're needed, rather than keeping everything indexed all the time like Spotlight for example. So it's no small feature and I can't guarantee when and how it will be implemented, but we hear you.

If you're interested in spreading the word to the companies you mention (I presume you consult for them?) let's get in touch how we could support you!

Thanks again and best regards, Thomas

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