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Feature Request - DAM capability

I've had a good play with your software and as a videographer who has a collection over multiple hard drives, I need a DAM catalogue of thumbnails for video offline. As it is, I need to plug in each hard drive Also the ability to creAte slections and bundle them together. For my photos I've been using this DAM software for the last decade. Its excellent for photos, but not so good for video. If you put the DAM functionality of media one with The functionality of Kyno, you have my money. An added extra bonus, although not essential, to ingest xls / csv keywords to apply to the video. I have a large amount of stock video content, and this will help to do a search on the catalogue I love all the transcoding capacities. I use editReady currently though. Mix it with DAM and it's a winner in my eyes Thanks! Jonathan

We definitely hear you. We've had this idea in our internal ticket system for a long time and others have requested it as well. At the moment, however, our development stack is full for the next few months so that we're not committing to anything beyond that for the time being but there is a good chance we'll do that in the future.

Could you elaborate the workflow you imagine with the keyword import? How would you reference the video file in the Excel file? By its path?
Thanks for taking the time to elaborate all this. Much appreciated! 

Hi Thomas, 

Good to know DAM is a possibility with it.

I'll give you an insight as to how I work, which is also a good insight into many videographers producing content for stock video (pond5, getty, videoblocks, shutterstock etc)

  • In my library I have about 5000 video clips spread out on multiple hard drives that are used as stock video on multiple stock sites
  • Contributers do all the key wording in an xls spreadsheet, then export that xls to a csv file. The CSV file is then ingested into the stock sellers website and it populates the metadata video online. This method allows us to work fast, but copy / pasting the attributes each video in a speedy manner.
  • When I want to make a change to the keywords of the video, I then tweak the xls spreadsheet and re import it.
  • There is a sample spreadsheet attached. This one is for Pond5. What is common amongst all the stock sites is the attributes: filename, title, description & keywords. This enables us to have one xls sheet to cover all the various different portals.

With your software, this method off applying keywords using the xls / csv into the Kyno catologue could happen. This mixed with DAM techniques of cataloguing would allow me to search all my videos with no hard drives attached to the computer.

Also, i noticed the catalogue file is buried away somewhere in the 
library. Often with my photo collection (over 100,000 photos) I copy the catalogue file to another computer (notebook) to do sorting and searching. I also use multiple catalogues.
If I could do the same with video, that would be great. 

Hope that helps. Jonathan


Hi Jonathan,

yes, that makes total sense and helps a lot. We were going to look into the stock agency contribution workflow anyway and this accelerates that.

Thanks a lot. The catalogue stuff is likely not to come in the next 3-4 months but we'll keep you posted on developments in that area.



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