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DIT Tools - Checksums and Copy Presets

First off, I want to say Kyno is really good, I love what you're doing.

I'm an on set DIT, and I could see this replacing Silverstack in certain workflow situations.

What I'd love to see is some more robust copy options.  Allowing for checksums and presets (take a look at ShotPut Pro for an easy example of copy presets, or Silverstack's wildcards for more advanced).

Right now I can definitely use your software in the review section of my job, and I enjoy the subclip and marking options.  Keep up the good work!

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Hi Chris,

thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it and are happy to hear that you find Kyno useful.

We are looking into offloading functionality, it would be a logical step and it's been requested quite a few times. However, this will not happen very soon as the list of things being worked on at the moment is already quite long. But keep an eye out for announcements!

Cheers, Thomas.

I'm seriously loving where Kyno is going also. I'm working at the BBC at the moment attempting to streamline workflows and was introduced to this by the head tech guy in post and it would be great to use kyno as a one stop shop. However Kyno is missing the things that pretty much all  these applications are in that it is primarily aimed at scripted content when in the the TV world we have so much non-scripted content.

Scripted content is drama, film, commercials, music videos. Unscripted is factual, documentaries projects built in the edit. I will be mailing Kyno in more detail but I would love to replace these applications.

A Better Finder Renamer - Kyno almost does this but not quite

Edit Ready - Kyno does this hands down.

QT change - Sorry Bouke is still the winner at this

MP4 to Quicktime - Kyno does this

Compressor - Kyno almost does this.

Wave Agent - no programme other than Adobe Encoder little bit really thinks that audio is important, weird.

BITC Quicktimes - still have to use Compressor and watch as I age.

Resolve - 4K DnxHD Avid - kyno is getting there

Adobe Encoder - Still need this for Avid workflows

Shotput Pro - even though the latest version is so flawed it is still the goto programme for offloading and reporting - I can't recommend Kyno without offloading, reporting and logging. Even hell on earth Canon XF Utility allows you to offload to multiple destinations.

Silverstack - Kyno is getting there but not yet.

AVI files - crappy format but those reality shows always throw avi formats at you from some stupid consumer camera.

That's the short version but if I could offload and have reports then I'd probably buy Kyno simply as a viewer, wrapper and offloader but it's not worth the $159 when all the other apps I have already does what Kyno does for less or free. Kyno has a chance to break through. Let's do it.


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From what I have seen, the current version of Kyno has all or most of these features now - 3 years later.

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