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Shared Database

There's two scenarios where I see Kyno being an extremely disruptive tool.  I wonder if you have plans for these features?

1.  Shared databse with network users so I can go through and mark selects for an editor on the same network.

2.  Database export - this would be great for a client to use to review dailies and send back a database file that I can open and see his comments, circle takes, and import the markers into premiere.

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For scenario 2, it would be treating Kyno as a dailies review.  So, for instance, I'm working as a DIT on set this week, but I'm also post supervising after we shoot.  It'd be great if I could make notes and what not in Kyno, then pass it on to a client who has their own copy of Kyno to make selects and drop descriptive markers.  Then they could send that database back to me, and I could import that information into Premiere.  The more I think about it, the more it seems to be antithetical to Kyno, since you'd need an onlining function or a way to recognize the files in a different location (clip name, timecode, and file size).  That could definitely backfire when using AVCHD cameras where every cards starts with Clip001.

Alternatively, if Kyno works in a networked environment, does it also work with external media?  Like, if my client was to do selects and what not on a drive, and I got the same drive on another computer and open it, am I then able to the clients ratings, notes, markers, etc...?

A lot of our users have similar workflows, e.g. a field producer logging the offloaded footage on a removable drive and then handing that drive to the next person in the chain who adds their log notes/markers etc. and then sends it to Premiere or FCPX. As long as you copy entire folders or just have people work on the same removable drive, that works well, even without online support.

Kyno stores the metadata in hidden folders next to the clips (in a way similar to how Premiere does it with XMP files just not using XMP), so there will not be a mix-up when two clips on the same drive have the same name.

Would that work in your case? 

1. Already works if you share a network drive, i.e. the edited metadata (log notes, markers, ratings etc.) is visible for all users accessing the network drive. We will launch a Workgroup Edition of Kyno in the not-so-distant future which allows this and other group-related things in a more advanced fashion (e.g. with things like intelligent conflict handling) but the basic workflow, one part of the team logging for the editor on a shared drive is what Kyno users out there already do.

2. Is a cool idea. Let us think about that.

What is the production situation you are faced with where you see these features? Would be cool to learn a bit more about your workflow and requirements from a practical perspective. 

That works perfectly for this project (and I think future projects)!  I can use my sync application to synchronize the shuttle drive to my raid.  Now I just need a windows version of your software for the current project I'm on ;)

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