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Double Click Does Not Work

I noticed a strange behavior with some clips.  When I go to double click on an item, either in list or grid view, it does not open up in the detail view.  Pressing the spacebar or using the keyboard shortcut does work.

One other thing I have noticed is that I cannot always move a clip from one location to another.  I do hold down the command key to move an item from volume (drive) to another with the software asking me if I want to copy the item but not not move it.  This is not an issue when trying to do a move operation from one folder to another folder on the same drive.  It seems to only happen when trying to go from one drive to another.

Currently using the most recent version of Mac OS Sierra and the most recent version of Kyno.  Thank you.

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Hi Davis,

thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delayed response.

Do you always have the problem with the double-click on certain items, even after restart? Or is it more like a random behavior? We haven't seen that problem so it'd be good to get some more details.

Regarding moving files from one drive to another - good catch, that's something that we haven't implemented yet as it takes a little extra effort compared to moving on the same drive. It's a gap that we'll be closing in an update very soon.

Best regards, Thomas

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