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Renaming Camera Files

 I think it is important to have the option when renaming files to leave the original camera file name and just rename the clips via metadata so when importing to Premiere Pro or others you have a useful clip name but you can look at file info and see what the actual clip file name is. Especially useful if you have a bad file and need to figure out what the original file you need to pull from the BU is. And of course utilize the batch rename function, not just rename individual files. Thanks!

Thanks for getting in touch, Jeff. Not sure I understand completely, where would you like to keep the original name? There are already naming presets that leave the original name in the filename, for example "Original Name + Custom Name + Index". You can build your own presets under by selecting the "Manage..." option in the "File Name Pattern" dropdown. There you can build patterns that contain clip metadata. Let me know if you'd like more details on custom presets, here's a video of the naming basics:

Note that in the upcoming 1.3 the naming patterns will also be available for single file renaming. It'll be available in about 2 weeks.

Hey Thomas,
Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't explain my request very well. It's the same as naming a clip in PPro or Prelude. It changes the name in the application but just points to the original file with the original file name. I prefer not to change the original camera given file names for a variety of reasons. I could rename clips in PPro but you have to do it one at a time, no batch rename clip function. Prelude does do it but has it's one issues. CatDV does this as well. Batch renaming clips (not changing actual file name on the disk) then the information is transferred via XML. Then in PPro, I can alway look at a clip that has a name like "Broll_Exterior_01" but if I select "find clip in finder" it opens finder window and shows the original clip with the camera assigned file name. That is the functionality I am asking about. Make sense?
Glad to see that you will add spanned clip support as that is another huge issue. Thanks!


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