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Raw support


I'd like to request that you add Canon Raw Light support to Kyno. That's the native format of the Canon C200, a camera that I think will be very popular. 


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Would also love to see Canon RAW support.  With the arrival of R5, have to believe this is going to become more important.

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Hello, Today 5 Canon cameras are supporting Canon Raw Light : C200, C300 Mk III, C500 Mk II, 1D-X Mk III and R5. All the NLE softwares are supporting since long. it looks like it’s really time to support CRM files now. Thank you.

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Would love to see a response from Kyno staff on here. Any thoughts on when we could see Canon RAW support? What are Kyno's plans for that moving forward?

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This was on a different thread for anybody that hasn't seen it.

Thomas Meyer

Canon RAW will come soon as well, demand seems to be high :) it won't make it in 1.9, but we'll do our best

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+1 for Canon RAW (crm) support. Absolutely essential since the release of the R5

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5yo topic. Still no CRM support. 

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