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Collections and/or Saveable Filters

Really liked this software - perfect for my needs in many regards, however the lack of ability to be able to create collections or saveable filters of some kind is a deal-killer for me. So, here's a feature request for just that. Cheers :) 

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Both are good points and they are already on our list of features to implement in the future, but I can't give any timeline yet. It's a shame that it's a deal breaker for you, I hope we'll see you back as a customer some day soon :)

I'd like to revive this idea. One of the great features of Resolve's Smart Bins is the fact that you can use them to organise clips that are disorganised. My last project (a reversion of Chinese documentaries) had 16,500 clips in hundreds of different recursive folders. Smart bins allowed me to review only relevant clips rather than calling up thousands every time. Redoing a filter every time just wastes a lot of time!

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Any news here? Just bought the software and took it for granted that it had this feature!

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