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workflow without rewrap - or just copy and renaming

I'd like the option of copying off a file from a card to a hard drive

normal DIT type thing

with the change in name of file as if I was rewrapping

but with out the rewrap

so just a batch copy with rename

many files like MP4 don't rally need the rewrapping to mov

but I'd like the same workflow for the files as the MTS



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Thanks for getting in touch. The functionality you describe , i.e. copying files with renaming and checksum verification - often referred to as offloading - is something we're looking at adding to Kyno, we agree that it's a natural fit. We can't yet say exactly when, we'll keep you posted via forum and newsletter. Cheers, Thomas

Please inform me as soon as this crucial feature is integrated, preferably with Checksum Verifiaction. Thank you

Are there drawbacks to (unnecessarily) rewrapping like this? I've found that the Windows version can copy and trim Canon XF-AVC files straight from the CFast card reader, but insists on rewrapping the MXF file as MOV. There doesn't seem to be any reencoding; just a different container. And the files work in my NLE. (I'm currently using Sony's Catalyst to do this, but it's much, MUCH less responsive than Kyno.) 

While I'd prefer the no-rewrap and Verification, is there a catch to rewrapping to MOV? Thanks.

If you don't have specific requirements regarding special metadata contained in the MXF files, there should be no drawback to rewrapping, although I would not rewrap to just do a copy & rename but I understand why people are doing it, i.e. because there is no copy & rename operation available. We will take that into consideration and think about adding that possibility but you will have to have a bit of patience as our roadmap for the rest of the year is probably too packed to squeeze this in. 

Without it, it seems impossible... no simple way to just get the footage. It seems as though NLE's require rewrapping and/or transcoding... which isn't a big deal as that's what I was doing with any of my previous cameras, but it seems like it's a lot more inconvenient and expensive to get it done with the avchd wrapper. And even not all avchd rewrapping programs recognize it!

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