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App freezes

I have a large library (my Photos app masters) that I am trying to index using Kyno.  

300GB.   21,000 items.     On an external USB 3.0 hard drive.    (not SSD).   

I realize this is big and could be the reason for my issues, but the Kyno app loads (or tries to) the information and constantly freezes making it unusable.   

Is this a limitation of the app, or do I simply need to break the file up into smaller chunks?   I was hoping not to do that, but in order to actually use the product I may have to.   

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Hi Sean,

apologies for the problems you experience. The numbers you mention shouldn't cause any performance issues really. Of course it'll take some time to search all the folders and subfolders for files and then to extract thumbnails etc. but the app shouldn't freeze completely or crash.

We've received your feedback report as well and will look into it.

Could you describe a bit what you were doing, i.e. does simply selecting the Photos Library folder and activating drilldown cause the problem?

Does it only crash after scrolling for a while or just like that?

Do you use the preanalyze function?

If you like you could help us even more by doing the following:

- Go to preferences (Kyno - Preferences or Cmd-,)

- Select the "Advanced" tab

- Activate the checkbox "Activate debug mode"

Then right click on the folder you set to drilldown and choose "File system statistics...".

This will bring up a dialog - click start, wait and copy paste the results in an email to

Maybe that'll help us understand the problem, in the meantime we'll analyze the feebdack report.

Thanks and again, sorry for the problems,


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