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Strange Audio Dropouts - Wrong Workflow?

So I directly browsed the SDXC card with Kyno, made sublips, named them, duplicated and edited the preset so that the new subclip name is followed by the original name, exported all subclips as ProRes and, well, quitted Kyno.

Then I imported the new folder in FCP X, leaving files in place. On first playback, all clips had audio dropouts. I was worried first but found they eventually vanished. But how is that? Aren't that ordinary ProRes files that should play back well in FCP?

Next time I used the send to FCP X command, and that *seemed* to have be the solution.

Can you explain this? Is there a better way to do this?

What about using an FCPX archive (backup of original card) and browsing this with Kyno. Can I do any harm by renaming the clips, for instance?

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And by the way: awesome software, recommended Kyno to friends and on forum. Keep up the good work. I wished though, that FCP X had this functionality (I mean media browsing and organizing prior to import) ...

I have this one everytine I play back!!

You mean you have audio dropouts in Prores material transcoded using Kyno? If possible, could you send us a short sample where we ca reproduce this to samples<at> using or something similar? We would definitely like to take a closer look.

Wow .. I’d sent you this issue weeks ago and you’ve only just replied - Not impressed! Unfortunately (for this issue) this film has now been completed and the project now taken off-line so I don’t have easy access to the material any more. The issue was reported on your forum by other users and there’s even a thread about it on forum. For me, the issue was a nightmare in completing our last film as every timeline preview had to be rendered out as a file before we could reliably preview it. Since we’ve ditched Kyno and now considering other media management software. Issue: The camera rushes were exported/transcoded in Kyno into ProRes 422 and then put into a folder. These folders were used for media import into the final cut pro X libraries - then the editing would start. Occasionally, when playing back the material inside final cut the audio would randomly drop out. Odd considering if it were a data-throughout Problem one would have thought the video would have been affected, but it wasn’t!

Sorry for the delay, sometimes things get busy here and complex problems like the one you're describing need time to evaluate. I totally agree that we should've replied sooner.

Do you remember from which camera you converted the material from? We want to get to the bottom of this, the ProRes encoder is an important part in Kyno.

If you want to get another trial let me know and I'll reset your status once the problem is fixed

@Axel could you also tell us what camera the original material was from? We have a suspicion and want to verify this. If we are right it does indeed not have anything to do with bandwidth/throughput.

Hello Thomas, Camera(s) used were PANASONIC HC-X920 (FHD50fps/AVCHD), PANASONIC HMC151-E (FHD25fps/AVCHD), GoPro Black H3 (FHD50fps/H.264), DJI PHANTOM 4 Drone UHD25 (no audio) Apart from the non-audio drone, audio dropout occurred on ALL cameras.

 If possible, could you send us a short sample where we ca reproduce this to samples<at> using or something similar? We would definitely like to take a closer look.

Hello Thomas,

I consider the issue as solved. Didn't reappear after (as I wrote) I started sending the media to FCP via XML. 

Neither QTX-Player nor VLC had these (playback-) dropouts, just FCPX. Feel no need to try and reproduce it. The files in question were XAVC UHD from Sony A6500 and Sony ARii, browsed directly from the cards (iMac SDHC card slot) with Kyno, subclipped and transcoded to ProRes. 

Thanks for answering.

Thanks for answering anyway.

So.. again, no comment by Lesspain.. well this issue is STILL a PAIN! When is it going to be solved?

Sorry about the silence. We are investigating and we are pretty confident that we have a good lead regarding what might be causing this. We are trying hard to get a fix for the behaviour some people observed (it doesn't happen for everybody) into release 1.4 which is planned for about the end of the month. 

 I had the exact same audio dropout problem. It really freaked me out because it happened on a clip that I shot with the mayor of my city. Ended up deleting the clip generated by Kyno and imported the clip without using Kyno and it worked great.

I was so pleased with this app until the audio dropout happened. I really wanted to purchase it but now I don't know.

@Ken We've reengineered the way ProRes container files are written in Kyno 1.5.0 and were hoping for this problem to be solved. Which version did you experience the problems with? Did you try 1.5.0?

Thomas, I was using Kyno 1.5.0 when the audio dropout occurred.

Ken, we take this very seriously. It would be great if you could help us with the following things so we can get closer to a solution:

- Tell us exactly how you created the clip in Kyno that had the dropouts in FCPX (rewrap, transcode, with or without subclipping)

- Tell us the exact sequence settings you were using in FCPX, video and audio

- Send us a sample of the original camera file for the case where it ocurred or, if that is not possible, a file from the same camera shot with the exact video & audio settings (e.g. via

That would help us a lot and would be much appreciated.  

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