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Strange Audio Dropouts - Wrong Workflow?

So I directly browsed the SDXC card with Kyno, made sublips, named them, duplicated and edited the preset so that the new subclip name is followed by the original name, exported all subclips as ProRes and, well, quitted Kyno.

Then I imported the new folder in FCP X, leaving files in place. On first playback, all clips had audio dropouts. I was worried first but found they eventually vanished. But how is that? Aren't that ordinary ProRes files that should play back well in FCP?

Next time I used the send to FCP X command, and that *seemed* to have be the solution.

Can you explain this? Is there a better way to do this?

What about using an FCPX archive (backup of original card) and browsing this with Kyno. Can I do any harm by renaming the clips, for instance?

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Hi all,

if anyone can send us a sample file and the details listed above that'd be a great help, as we're not able to reproduce this with our files/machines, but would obviously like to find a fix for you guys...

- Tell us exactly how you created the clip in Kyno that had the dropouts in FCPX (rewrap, transcode, with or without subclipping)
- Tell us the exact sequence settings you were using in FCPX, video and audio
- Send us a sample of the original camera file for the case where it occurred or, if that is not possible, a file from the same camera shot with the exact video & audio settings (e.g. via

Cheers, Thomas

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