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In-Place Conversions - Please

when using the conversion process

I would like to see a setting for 

Do conversion in-place

the use case is I have thousands of files in a series of folders

and as I work I do conversions only when needed

(like AVI to ProRes because my editing system does not do AVI)

currently I have to either

   find each folder path (too long)

   or dump all new files in to a new folder

the latter is easy

but then I have to move each file to the folder the original came from


could we get a setting (or button) when filling out the Directory Select...

for automatically creating the converted file in place?

that would be very helpful  



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Hi Garret,

Not sure I understand your use-case 100%, as I understand it you're looking to transcode a whole selection of files in drilldown mode at the same time and want to have each of the resulting files in the same location as the original file?

If you leave the "Directory" field in the transcoding dialog blank it should say "Same as source" which should give you exactly the result you're looking for.

You could even enter relative paths like "converted", which would create a subfolder "created" under each individual source folder. Make sure you hit "Show Preview" before transcoding which gives you a detailed list of the files being created and their respective locations.

Hope that helps!

Best, Thomas

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