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More Support for Resolve


I'm one of "those" people

who stayed with FCP as long as I could

and now I'm in the land of Resolve 

just as a convenience

I'd like to see a "Send to" for Resolve

it's so neat and nice

and direct

not top priority 



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Hi Garret,

we hear ya and it's something we want to have in Kyno as well. It's currently not possible due to a limitation in Resolve, but we're in touch with the guys at BMD and are hopeful that it'll be possible soon, but obviously can't promise from our side. It's important to have people asking for it, so thanks for your feedback, keep upvoting ;)

Cheers, Thomas

Hey Thomas, Resolve uses CSVs for metadata exchange as of 12.5.  Silverstack uses this function to convey scene/take/lens etc... I'm not sure if it carries markers, I'm sure you've explored it a bit more than I have.

I have also switched to Resolve. Export from Kyno is in Excel, with semicolons as separator. Resolve reeds CSV, with comma as separator. Fields have different names: File Name vs File, Keywords vs Tags. Clip Directory is a field in Resolve, missing in the kyno export.

Please make an export te Resolve, only the Keywords  would be a big step forward.

(Silverstack cannot export Keywords to Resolve ...)

met vriendelijke groet / with Regards,



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A work around is: add in Kyno keywords to your clips, filter your clips by keyword. Make in Resolve bins (or sub bins) with the name of each keyword. Drag the clips from Kyno into Resolve in that clip. Bett

Bert's idea sounds great. Any thoughts?

Today I have exported some clips in FCP7-xml. It was possible to import these clips in Resolve 15 and 16 beta! The fields that were visible:

- description

- take (DVR: shot)

- scene

- angle

- reel

IMHO it must be quite simple to add tags (DVR: keywords), Kyno!




Bert, what you describe are unfortunately limitations of the FCP7 XML format. Tags/Keywords are not supported by it and there's an ambiguity regarding take/shot that Resolve interprets in the same way that Premiere does.

Thank you for providing the workaround using bins, sounds good, maybe we can look into supporting that in Kyno by creating bins from tags, I'll take that to the product team

As metadata and timecode burn-in arent available in Kyno... Definitely need a way to get the metadata across to Resolve.

Pretty please

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We recently switched from FCPX to Resolve on Windows. So this gets an UPVOTE from m me. Send to Resolve please!
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