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Startup Error


I have problem with my KYNO after my computer restarted because electricity problem.. I try to follow the instructions but nothing change.. 

I Loved this APP.. It's make me easy to managing my video footage before editing...


OS : Windows 10

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Recording this for other users that may experience a similar problem. It seems to have been caused by a corrupt settings file when the computer lost power, which should be a very rare issue as we're taking precautions to avoid that.

To test if it's the settings file, rename the file <user-home>\AppData\Roaming\Kyno\data-store.json to "data-store-corrupted.json" and start Kyno.

Note that this will make you loose some settings (registered workspace folders, histories, preferences; custom transcoding presets should remain intact). In case the file is corrupted restore it from backup.

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