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Essential features & GUI elements for the media player missing

In spite of all the very useful & innovative features implemented from the get-go, there are still some essentials not covered by Kyno.

I don't understand how people can browse and log through videos without the possibility to select audio tracks, solo or in a group of channels and stay without some basic visual metering for all existing tracks. In the news business, this absence is a no-go.

Maybe for those involved in scripted/feature films this is not a handicap, but having a software of such a desired level of sophistication without a smart handling of the audio part is just shameful.

Sorry guys, I liked your opening game, but now after all this time on the market, you're still not considerate when it comes to audio.

Here are some examples from other excellent apps having taken great care of the audio part and the road taken to implement a corresponding & usable GUI.

MXF4mac Player   by HamburgProMedia
( mxf handling assets acquired by Apple, entity therefore eliminated )

8 audio channels are routed in pairs to L & R outputs, each track can be muted


audio meters only show existing tracks, L & R routing cannot be modified


movieola   by
( another great german company with very smart & simple to use apps )

a lot of file infos to see, TC can be toggled to show simple counts or countdowns
lacks audio meters but does have the common JKL control method implemented
accepts even non-video related files, like PDFs and any valid image format


Catalyst Browse   by giant "does-it-all" Sony
( benefits mostly those working inside the Sony file-format eco-system )

basic audio metering, but with extended routing to the L & R master outputs
great for logging 2 ch based interviews by selecting & routing only one track to both speakers


I would really like to know more about Kyno users who don't care about the audio content of their stuff. It may be that they are right and it doesn't make any sense to wonder about tracks and their content. Who knows, there might be a new generation of professionals just about to take power over everyone else ....

Let's discuss this .... and possibly have less pain. Really.
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The honest answer is, we have just underestimated how long all the other things on our roadmap would take together with managing all other aspects of the company and product and while it is still of high priority, ist is likely to take until version 1.5 (as we're closing in on 1.4 right now and all the slots for that release are most likely taken) but it will come for sure and we agree 100% about the importance.

We're determined to deliver something that will fulfil your requirements. 

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